Stomach pain pre surgery


This is my first post. I was diagnosed with CC 1b1 almost 2 weeks ago. I am having an MRI this Friday and a radical hysterectomyon the 14th August. I am currently off work sick since diagnosis. Initially it was due to the shock but now i am always tired but myreason for posting is to ask if any of you suffer from stomach pain? I am experiencing extra gas Embarassed also. I'm not sure if the pain is gas or a CC symptom?




Hi Sharon

I was also diagnosed CC 1b1 in Feb and have since had a radical trachelectomy.  To be honest, after my diagnosis i 'developed' a number of ailments.   I had abdominal pain, back pain, tiredness...all sorts.  And while it was very real pain, I think that my mind was blowing it out of proportion and focussing on it too much.  Once I had my MRI and I had my treatment plan, I felt much calmer and it seemed to go away.  

I think in my case, the stress led to me having stomach pains and my mind amplified them.  The mind is a powerful thing and your body can have very real reactions to the stress of a cancer diagnosis. Stress can definitely affect your stomach.

Maybe try some yoga, it may help reduce your stress and it's great for getting rid of wind ;)

All the best for your MRI and results

Nellie xxx

Thanks Nellie

It probably is stress. Maybe a glass of wine later will help me to relax :)



I have had a feeling of my uterus being sore and enlarged since diagnosis, I think it is psychosomatic. My friend had it too when she was diagnosed! Since LLETZ I think my digestion and bladder are affected a bit too, probably by actual swelling from the prodding. it's a bit on and off and gets better if I talk about it! Also castor oil packs have helped. xxx

My bladder has also been affected. I visit the bathroom much more often. I regularly have indigestion which i wouldn't normally get.