Stomach cramps

Hi I was just wandering if stomach cramps are the norm? I get severe cramps lasting around 3 minutes at a time that literally take my breath away about 4 times a week! I have cold sweats after them too! I know I'm going through the menopause which I'm taking HRT for! but these cramps are the only problem I have recently and I'm planning on taking the kids away for a fortnight and don't want them seeing me in pain. also as I'm having a 3 month break through treatment do I have to ask permission to go abroad off the oncologist?

Laura x

Hello Laura, not sure if the cramps are to do with the menopause, I had mine before I had CC and didn't have these or the sweats.  Could be the ol' hormones though, rattling round in there, on their way out !!

I thought I'd mention that you may  have difficulty getting travel insurance due to your situation.  I took a break abroad last year and paid £300 for insurance to cover me for  1 week!!! That was the cheapest I could find too after many many phonecalls to lots of different companies.  I've since found out that you can get insurance that will  cover you for everything else, all the usual stuff, but nothing related to your medical condition, costing £69 for 1 years cover!!  The company I used didn't need permission from my oncologist however some of them will ask for 'permission' either from the oncologist or from your own GP.