Still waiting.

I had llets treatment done 4 weeks ago and I’m still waiting on my results, they said I would get a letter telling me about the results and information for my follow up appointment within 4 weeks. Anyone got results after that? Just tired of waiting now. It’s taken over 3 months to get to this point lol getting impatient haha.

Did you receive a letter after the lletz explains what they had done that day, or your original hospital appointment letter. on either there should be a telephone number, I would just give them and call and chase them up. 

Im only 1 week after my lletz and already getting itchy with the waiting!!!

i feel for you, good luck x

Honestly I can't remember how long it was.... But I remember it was weeks!!! Then I rang n was told I was being discussed at a meeting..... So I panicked.... But in the end a lovely nurse called with my results and treatment plan and then I got a letter with my follow up appointment.....


genuinely i I would encourage you to ring. They wont mind, and its been 4 weeks!!! X

Ok ill ring them :) thank you guys. I was gonna ring them the other day but don't want to seem pushy lol oh god yeah I remember a week into the waiting, I was expecting a letter to come through the door everyday lol try to keep busy and distract yourself (easier said than done I know lol) xx

I have told my husband he has to tell me everyday whether there's any post and if it looks like it's from the hospital. Becoming slightly obsessed by it! X