Still waiting!

It's been 3 weeks since my biopsy and still no results.. I rang up today but was told I could be waiting up to 6-8 weeks.. I literally can not go another 3-5 weeks I'm not sleeping and really ain't myself has anyone else's taken this long??

I know how you feel the waiting is really hard, I was 3 weeks on Monday.  I was told at my colposcopy that it would be about 3 weeks, so I guess it could be any day now. How long were you told at your biopsy? It's not that I'm worried about the results but more that I don't want it hanging over my head anymore. I've never been very patient! I know it's easier said than done but try and find something to distract yourself. I've started a really complicated knitting pattern which completely takes all my concentration. Great name by the way I was a Murphy before I got married. 

Hiya they told me it would take anything up to 3 weeks.. I rang the hospital yesterday and they said it might take up to 6 weeks! I'm ok during the day as I have a 2 year old to run about after its at night time when I'm trying to sleep.. my nightmares are awful and I dread going to sleep.. my first name is dawn too how weird :) x