still waiting

Hi folks,  just looking to offload really.  Had a cone biopsy done on 1st May and was told 4 weeks for results.  Tomorrow will be 3 weeks and I am feeling really tense all the time.   I am desperate to see if anything has come in the post every day and can't relax.


I know it's just a waiting game but I just want to know before my head explodes.


Hope everyone else who is waiting is doing ok.





I was the same, my biopsy results took exactly 4 weeks to arrive and I was the same couldnt relax rushing to the post the waiting is hard

Hopefully they will arrive soon x

I'm exactly the same, had mine on 1st May. I was told 3-4 weeks for the results. I was ok the first week or so, but now it is getting closer to results time i feel really nervous!

The waiting is awful isn't it, just hoping i get good results and i can forget about it for a few months!

Good luck to you xxx

Hi Simone & Princess,


Thanks very much for your replies.   I agree PrincessE the waiting is getting harder the closer it gets to the 4 weeks.    I just keep thinking that if it was anything really bad they would have contacted me by now so I hope thats true.

All my punch biopsy results told me was pre-C cells which I felt good about and then after my Cone the surgeon said it was very high grade and they did a cone instead of a llletz which has now got me in a panic. 

Best of luck to you too, fingers crossed we both hear soon and can relax!