Still waiting on results..

Hi all,

Had my colposcopy on 13th December after my smear showed high grade (severe) dyskariosis …and biopsy taken of what she removed… she said after “looking in” what she could see was CIN3 and needed to take a biopsy…

This was my first smear which I felt like I had to BEG for due to bleeding for 8 months straight and other strange symptoms, but instead they sent me for an ultrasound and made me go onto a contraceptive pill… I’m 24 and have one daughter who is 7 this year.

I’ve phoned the department once last week and Tuesday of this week and the results are still not even back… frustrating is not the word!!

Waiting patiently still… was told 4-6 weeks so will give them till next week then I’ll be on the warpath!


Im in exactly the same situation, I'm 24 with 2 little boys one 7 and one 16months. I begged for a smear after bleeding in between periods & pain during and after sex. I had my colposcopy on 11th Jan, and a biopsy was taken. Unlike you I didn't ask any questions and I am kicking myself now!! I just wanted to get out of there. I'm 2 days into the wait of results and already its driving me insane. Just like before waiting for the results of my smear.. spying on the postman! Just remember you're not alone & you're at least under the radar now. Hope you get the results we're all hoping to get xxx