still waiting for results

Hello everyone, just an up-date on progress so far with me. I am still anxiously waiting for the biopsy results following my Colposcopy last Friday, but I have just received confirmation for an MRI scan appt on Monday, and a pre-op assessment appt on Wednesday. As my GP appt for the first checks was on 11th March, it has been an emotional wirlwind with all the tests and procedures coming at me very quickly. Everyone tells me this is really good, but I keep telling myself that it must be really serious.

I spoke to lovely Caroline on the help line this morning who assures me that I am very lucky with the speed of my journey, and must not pre-judge the results. This is very sensible and sound advice, but I can't help being a total mess, and keep thinking negatively.

The pre-op assessment on Wednesday is for the internal bladder and bowel check procedure under GA.

Can anyone advise me about the MRI scan process, and the bladder and bowel check procedure as I am really worried.


Many Thanks xx

Hiya I had to have pre op checks ie chest X-ray bloods n stuff 2 weeks ago then had an inturnal under ga on Monday I was so scared as I have never had ga before it was fine thay give me some premed to calm me down then I had MRI scan on Tuesday felt costar phobic as nurse never told me there was an opening at other end of MRI machine I was fine after that just waiting  for results have app on 8th April with consultant for results . xxx

Sorry forgot to say I never had any pain when I woke up from the ga and just I little bit of bleeding is normal good luck x

Hi Cvs,  thank you for your reply, it's so reassuring to know that there are others out there in the same situation. Did you have the same irregular bleeding symptoms as me ? xxx

had baby 5 months ago and was bleeding every other month through my pregnacy so had smear 3 months after having baby as was still bleeding got a call of doctor saying I have cin3 went to clinic got 3 biopsys took and got results back in 2 wks saying I have squontous cell cinanoma :(:( had an app for consultant and every think has happend so fast pre op checks. Internal under ga . MRI scan all in 2 weeks thay said the inturnal looked fine but not heard about MRI results yet the waiting is the hardest part I think xx

I agree, waiting definitely freaks you out. I hope it all works out well for you xxx