Still waiting for results..

I’m 27 and had my first smear nearly a month ago. For the past year I have been having 2 periods a month and spotting inbetween them periods. I’ve always had normal periods and the only reason I went for the smear test is because of what was going on each month and I had been seeing alot of storys online about cervical cancer. I have very bad abdominal pain back pain and also a light yellow or green discharge. I’m nervous about getting my results. I’m also new here :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, it's only natural to be a bit nervous about your results - particularly if it's your first time.  I had to have three smear tests last year/beginning this year as the first two were inconclusive. It was an awful wait. I remember after my first smear test last year the wait was 13 weeks! The last one I had at the begining of the year was about 6 weeks.  

I would pop along to the GP and mention your discharge and just get checked out.  You may have to just have some swabs taken just to make sure there is no infection x