Still waiting for high risk colposcopy /lletz/biopsy results

I’m going out of my mind waiting for my colposcopy /lletz procedure/ biopsies results :exploding_head::grimacing:
I had a 1 year repeat smear beginning of march after they found I had low risk HPV and borderline cell changes.the smear came back as I now have high risk HPV and high grade/severe dyskarosis in just one year …I had a colposcopy,lletz procedure and biopsies 7th April and was told because I’m high risk i would get marked urgent and will be 3-4 weeks to get results if not sooner…still no results today​:grimacing::exploding_head:I telephoned and got put through to secretary and she confirmed that no results have come back yet…she said there is a backlog they’re trying to get through.
I’m just so worried - the doctor said it is unusual to go from borderline to high grade and high risk HPV in just a year …my colposcopy was scheduled within the 2 week urgent cancer pathway yet I’m still waiting for results .
What are other people’s experiences of a long wait for results for high risk HPV and high grade changes colposcopy ?

Hi first time posting here! New to all this.

Cant tell you how im in exactly the same position awaiting results. I now have a follow up appointment on the 24th may (had lletz treatment on 2nd march)
Im panicking my head off now as i wonder why they want to see me? Is a follow up appointment 10 weeks later normal?

Hi Megmog and Laura,

I had exactly the same situation - had a colposcopy, LLETZ and biopsies on 24th March, 2 weeks after being diagnosed with high risk HPV and high grade/severe diagnosis for the first time (it was my first cervical screening in my life). The nurse told me that I would get the biopsy results back in 2-3 weeks time. However, I am still waiting for the results for almost 7 weeks now. I already have a follow up appointment booked in June but the nurse told me that I might need another LLETZ kind of treatment under general anesthetics sooner depending on the biopsy results. I keep calling the hospital for the results two times a week but the answer I get is always the same - there is a long backlog. I will reply back when I get back my results.

Similar to you, I am also experiencing a mental breakdown and had to take a long leave from work over the past 2-3 weeks. I started seeing a psychologist last week and it has been really helpful for me. Maybe you can also do the same?


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Hi there I didn’t want to read and run. I had an abnormal smear last year and was told low grade Cin1. Follow up smear this year came back high grade severe Cin3. My consultant said that Cin1 usually does clear up but it can progress.
I had my Lletz yesterday under a general anaesthetic so now the wait begins for results. Trying to put it to the back of my mind until I actually get them as it has ruled my life the past month or so waiting for results and appointments. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and my mind has gone to very dark places. Fingers crossed for positive news for everyone x


Thank you Laura,Mia,and Marie for your replies :purple_heart:
I got my results the day after I posted ( 4 weeks) and it has come back as they found CIN 1 and the consultant wants to discuss my results with his colleagues in a departmental meeting on the 1st June to decide on a management/follow up plan.
I was confused at my biopsy results being low grade/ CIN 1 as my repeat smear came back as high risk HPV and high grade changes… I telephoned the colposcopy unit directly today to ask why such a big discrepancy between both smears and the colposcopy /biopsies. The woman I spoke to said that was why my case was going to be discussed further before they make a plan …she further put my mind at rest by saying that I would have been telephoned and got a follow up appointment much sooner if the doctor had concerns with the results.
So hopefully not long now before I hear either way if I need more treatment or if they are just going to monitor it .
…like you say it’s been a real emotional rollercoaster of highs and lows with the waiting of the results and appointments ( and for me the big discrepancies of the results ) …I’ve found talking to and emailing someone through Jo’s trust helpline so supportive ,just talking my worries and questions through has helped me so much - so sending a BIG BIG thank you to you all at Jo’s trust ! :purple_heart:
…thinking of you all that are still waiting for results ,and sending you positive vibes :hugs::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heartbeat:xxx



Hi all,

I got my results back this week and it looks like I have VAIN 1-3 on my vaginal wall ( apparently it’s a pretty rare condition as I wasn’t able to find many posts on it here) My nurse told me that I might need to go through a laser treatment if there won’t be any improvement over the next couple of months. She also suggested me to take multivitamins along with keeping a balanced diet. Another season of waiting started for me now but I feel better now as there’s less uncertainty. Thanks to all for your support!

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