Still waiting for biopsy results!

Hi everyone!

I’m just having one of those anxious days where I feel like I need to get everything out!

I had my abnormal smear result in December (about 8 weeks after my smear…which I was not happy about…) I managed to get a cancellation colposcopy rather than wait all over Christmas and New year!

During the colposcopy the Doctor did two tests and told me he couldn’t see anything to worry about apart from a tiny bit of inflammation - I didn’t even ask what this meant because I was just so happy he couldn’t see anything bad!!! He did take 2 biopsies just to be sure.

I am now into week 5 of waiting for these biopsy results and I’m feeling so anxious! It’s one of those days where I am convinced the Doctor saw something and only told me nothing to worry about to be nice. A little irrational, I know! I rang the clinic and they said its normal to wait 6 weeks but I just want to know.

It’s not the result it’s the not knowing that’s annoying me. Every time the post comes or I get an unknown number calling me, I just feel panicked!

I just wondered if anyone else waited this long for results and if maybe it’s a sign of nothing too urgent!

Thanks xx

Hi Charlene, I just had my biopsy yesterday and will find out my results this Friday or next week at the latest. I cannot believe it takes that long for you. I am in the U.S., so maybe it is faster over here. I would go nuts waiting 6 weeks though!! Keep us posted on the results!! 

Hi Traveler

I am going a little bit crazy but not too much I can do! I had a long wait for results after smear too. It's definitely a waiting game.

This site has been so good for calming my nerves though!

Good luck with your results!!

Oh wow, cannot believe that. I do like this site a lot too! Thanks, you too! 

Hi Charlene,

Your story seems very similar to mine; I had my first smear aged 24 in November, referred for colposcopy which I had just before Christmas and still waiting for biopsy results.

I guess the bank holidays will have added some time to our wait, but it's still annoying! I'm just hoping that no news is good news! The first few weeks I was quite anxious that I might get a phone call since I read here that they contact you quicker if it's serious, but I guess it varies from Trust to Trust in the UK... 

Hope you're doing OK, at least you know you're not alone in slowly going bonkers waiting for the post to arrive! X

Hi Milly

I am so glad I'm not the only one! I go from being a bit crazy and worrying to feeling absolutely fine in the space of 2 minutes. It's driving me mad! It's not the results that's making me anxious it's the not knowing, if that makes sense?

So happy I found this site! Definitely helps! 

Did they see anything at your colposcopy? If you don't mind me asking, that is! I felt fine as he said nothing to worry about but to him that could mean anything really! His worry and my worry are most probably totally different things haha!


Hi Charlene,

I totally know what you mean, I have some days where I'm like 'whatever will be will be..." and others where I'm tearing my hair out and googling frantically!

Well, my smear came back with only mild dykariosis (apologies for spelling!) and HPV. The nurse at colposcopy said they would only take biopsies if she thought it was worse than CIN1, so I'm guessing that's for certain in my case. What I saw on the screen was that my whole cervix was completely white and I started bleeding as soon as she put the speculum in, so I'm guessing that's not a good sign. 

I'm just trying to tell myself that they're the experts, so I should leave it up to them. I am annoyed at myself for not asking more questions at the time though! 

How about you? Did they tell you anything on the day? X

I have found posting on this site has taken my mind off things! It gives me something to do that isn't googling!

Well I had the letter that said abnormal and that was it! So obviously I was worried and rang my doctor. He hadn't even had the results yet so he got a copy of them and said it was high grade dyskaryosis. I didn't know if it was mild of severe.

At the colposcopy I saw on the screen that it said severe in brackets! This was before the actual colposcopy so I was expecting the worst. 

When the doctor did the vinegar test I didn't see anything that looked abnormal (but then I'm not a doctor lol) but he called the nurse to have a look too which worried me but he said nothing to worry about! He then did the iodine test And my cervix went a browny colour. This is a good sign but I'm just concerned because something obviously flagged up my smear to be severe....he did say he saw a small inflammation and took 2 biopsies to be sure! But that's all he said! He told me to go and enjoy my Christmas and not to worry!

My story seems so silly when I read others as nothing was too apparent at the colposcopy but it's the anxiety of not knowing that frustrates me!

I wish I had asked more questions now but at the time I was just so relieved that I didn't have treatment right before Xmas! And I think I was so worked up that my mind went blank!!!

Try not to worry and just think no news is good news and whatever it is is so completely treatable! If they were worried you would've been marked as urgent and would not be waiting 5 weeks.

easy for me to say that to you when I'm worrying also!! Haha! 

Yeah, reading other people's experiences and posting on here definitely helps :)

It's weird how they didn't tell you what kind of changes they'd found... I've read that smear tests sometimes can't be that specific, so they might downgrade it once you get the biopsy results, you never know! 

I know what you mean about feeling silly, I feel like I'm complaining about nothing compared to what some women on this site have been through! 

And yes, hopefully that's the reason, I'm sure they would have got back to me sooner if it was anything really bad.

Thanks for posting back, has made me feel a lot better! :) X

I'm not getting my hopes up too much as a high grade smear must've picked something up but I think I am definitely luckier than everyone on here which makes me feel so silly sometimes. 

Let me know how you get on with results! Fingers crossed we won't still be waiting this time next week! I'll definitely be phoning again if I am!

If you ever need a chat you know where I am :)

Thanks, and likewise of course! :) fingers crossed for you! :)

So the dreaded noise of the postbox and still nothing!!!!! I was so sure it would be today! Xx

Oh no! That's always the way! A watched pot never boils! X

Hi Ladies, I hope you don't mind me commenting! I'm new here! I've been waiting 2 weeks now for my results, I had 3 biopsies taken (my second colposcopy and biopsies) because my first results from the biopsies showed CIN1 but also a patch of CIN2!

The waiting is awful, like you girls, every time I see the postman I'm hoping I have a letter, but nothing so far! 

I don't have anyone to talk to about all my worry and stress as I live 350 miles away from all my family! 

I have been looking at this site a lot recently but not had the courage to post because I feel like I have nothing to moan about when I read some others stories!

Sorry for jumping in on your conversation! Xx

Hi Siany!

I'm just so glad there are others who are just as anxious as me! Think it feels so bad for me because the doctor didn't mention anything about CIN to me and just not to worry - my mind has been doing over time!!!!!

It will be 6 weeks on Monday so I'll be phoning again if I hear nothing! It is so frustrating! I have good days (like today) and bad days (like yesterday - I googled for 6 hours!)

Its so good to know we are not alone. If you need a chat just message me :)


I know exactly what you mean! I'm always on google which I think doesn't help!! Lol 

if you need a chat just message me :) xx