still waiting for biopsy results!

Hiya everyone! I had my lletz done 3 weeks ago now and rang yesterday to see if there were any results back yet, and there's not :( was told I would receive a letter with in 4weeks but cannot see how if they havent got my result by 3 weeks, was just wondering if anyone had the same problem and was it bad news? Thank you! X 


The bad news usually comes a bit quicker.  My results were back after 10 days and I was diagnosed with CC.

Good luck with your results.



Thankyou for your reply! And iam sorry to hear that hope everything goes well for you :) xx 


I'm a year on now and doing fine.  We all hope and pray we don't get a recurrence but at this moment things are good.

Hopefully you won't be diagnosed with CC but even if you are I'm proof that you can get through it!

Let us know how you get on.



Ahh thats great! Hope things stay good for you :) thankyou and I will :) xx 

I'm just over five weeks post lletz and still nothing! I can only hope this means good news x

I had mine back in 2 weeks. But I think it was due to my complaint to public health for having to wait 10 weeks for my abnormal smear result. 

As irritating as it must be the longer the wait the better the news. :)

Fingers crossed for you

Thankyou very much for all of your replies, thinking more positive about the time wait :) xx