STILL waiting for answers

Hi guys,


I just feel confused and frustrated and very, very upset.


I had my first smear a couple of weeks ago and was called back within a week. They told me I had high-risk HPV and my smear results were unclear.


I was called in for a colposcopy yesterday, and it was awful. There were three people in the room which instantly threw me off, is it normal to have three people in the room? It was late in the day and they were obviously all done with being nice and made me feel very uncomfortable, very worried and the least relaxed I've ever been. I suffer from a bladder condition and I'm used to being in that sort of situation on a regular basis, but I really felt like cattle. 

I think I've had a suspision that something hasn't been right for a little while - I have very irregular periods, some extremely heavy. I suffer from back and stomach pains and I get weird discharge a lot.

When they started the colposcopy, they all went very quiet. She put several different dyes on me, and each time shook her head and asked for other ones. She said she was going to have to do a biopsy then and there, and took quite a substantial chunk of my cervix away without any aenesthetic. I've been bleeding and cramping since and haven't been back to work.


She said she can't be sure what stage the cells are at and we'll have to wait for the biopsy results to come back.


I'm only 25, and I am desperate for a family. My boyfriend and i are very much in love and I'm now thinking that I'll have to start a family sooner rather than later.


If anyone has any advice, experience, help to offer I would really appreciate it. I am absolutely terrified. 



Joanna x

Sorry you had such a bad experience x I also had 3 people in my colposcopy which threw me a little! It's how the registrars learn the procedures when they begin in a new department, it's obviously just more embarrassing for us!! 

When you say you have no cervix left what did you mean? Did you have lletz/ punch biopsie? If so then that later of cervix eventually reforms so if you needed further treatment they may wait a while until it's healed more. 

They found it difficult to do mine also, said he was finished and then started taking more away! I appar have a tilted cervix so he found it hard to visualise. were they struggling to see or was it more that they kept using other dyes? It doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be bad news, they couldn't give me an answer either, only that my original smear showed cin 3 but have to wait for biopsy results. I hope the cramping feels a bit better today??

Hi tc17!

It is so unsettling having that many people in the room!

I think I had a punch biopsy, although I can't be sure; the communication was terrible. They could tell I was nervous and didn't do much to calm me.

It's just so frustrating no one being able to say 'oh this is what it is' etc. - She said that she isn't sure what stage of CIN I'm at, and we'll have to wait for the biopsy results. It's honestly been so stressful and traumatic that it's put me off ever going back! I keep crying whenever I think about being in there. 

I don't even understand what the next steps will be if it's 'severe', she just kept telling me off for smoking! The HPV is worrying me too :/ 

I felt like that for the first few days aswell but I did feel better a week on. If you do have to go back in, make It clear to them that theyre to tell you what they're going to do at each step before doing it and that in itself will probably make you feel calmer. I felt tense for the same reasons and considered changing consultant but I think ill just be firmer next time. You could also ask that only those needed for the actual procedure are present. make sure you take someone with you aswell if you didn't last time (I didn't but wish I had!) they mentioned the HPV to me aswell but made it clear that they can't treat it but it won't go back and forth it just sits in your blood like after having chicken pox. I guess it just means they'll do smears more regularly in future?