Still waiting for an appointment

Hi, I really just want to sound off somewhere.  Background....I know it isn't hereditary but my mum had cervical cancer at 29 and had a hysterectomy, so I am probably extra worried......My last routine smear showed borderline changes so I had 6 monthly and yearly until I had 3 clear.  My first new smear 3 years later I received a letter 10 days ago saying I had an abnormal smear with moderate changes and high risk HPV and they would contact me with an appointment date.  After a week and no appointment scheduled I telephoned the doctors only to be told I could only speak to a nurse between 8am - 10am and the nurse would phone back, this is kind of difficult as I work from 7.30am, however, I sneaked into a quiet office and telephoned to be told the nurse was off sick and to call back on Monday!  10 days on still no appointment so although the letter says to contact your doctor and not the hospital I found the number and telephoned the colposcopy clinic, they said that as I was not severe changes I would not be getting an appointment date until November at the earliest!  I have gone from borderline to moderate from one smear to another, and now I have this hanging over me until at least November, and I still havent had a letter informing me of a date.  I am stressed enough as it is but can't find anyone to talk to.  I live on my own with no family, except my son who I have not discussed it with, just feel so helpless, so sorry for going on.

Hi Ladybee,

how frustrating! I have really struggled with waiting for ANY results or appointment, so I can imagine how you're feeling. I think though the wait is just a sign that they do not consider your case to be urgent. Perhaps the changes are small enough that they think they will return to normal on their own, as I know low to moderate changes often do.

how you get a date ASAP.

Molly xxx

Thanks for reply Molly, I am trying to tell myself that the long wait (had smear in Aug, colp in Nov (maybe) is because they think it will be okay, but then a little voice says if its ok then why am I being called in, added to that I have had bleeding after intercourse for the last 3 years too I am being paranoid I hope.  It just feels that the health professionals in my case have called me for a smear, worried me and now forgotten about me and I sit waiting every day for the appointment to arrive.  Has anyone else had to wait this long for an appointment date for a colp and have a long wait for the date?

Lady bee,

are you in the uk?

can you make a GP appointment for next week? I would think your GP should do some pushing for you as this is putting you under so much stress. Alternatively, could you go private for the colposcopy? 

Big hugs, Molly xx

Hi Molly

Yes I am in Berkshire, it is almost as hard to get a doctors appointment, but think that is a good idea will try and get one for Monday, thanks. xx

Hi Ladybee

You must be very worried! Please call your GP. If you find it hard to go in for an appointment, request a telephone consultation instead. Be honest with them about HOW worried you are, explain it is affecting your ability to sleep/work/eat etc (as it undoubtedly must be). Tell them about losing your Mum, and your fears for your son as well, and that you have no real support. Explain that you have tried seeking support online via this site but it has not made coping much easier.

If you explain how anxious you are, how it is affecting you, and what you've already tried (otherwise they'll just tell you to try relaxation techniques and online support groups etc) and ask them if they could please see whether you could be pushed through a little quicker.

If you live near the clinic, it could help if you can be flexible and tell them you can turn up within 30mins or so if they have a cancellation on the day.

Be nice, explain that you do understand other people are in worse situations and need to be seen urgently but you are emotionally struggling a lot and would appreciate their help.

If you can convince the GP it is a necessary step for you, and they like your manner, they will do you the favour :) xxxx