Still waiting, but now told I have to wait longer?!

Hi all,

I've posted on here before about how I've been struggling with the wait for my biopsy results but after I've read and been spurred on by a few recent posts (and more specifcially seen how Lola has been so on the ball with calling up and pestering them until the consultant called her back!) I decided that after waiting five weeks for my biopsy results I would try calling the hospital to see if they were back in.

Well, I just spoke with the receptionist who first of all said, "well your biopsies were only taken 5 weeks ago and it's an 8 week wait" (8 WEEKS?! What?!) and I tried to explain to her that the doctor had said 4 to 6 weeks, she kept saying the 8 weeks was the standard. I asked politely if she would mind looking anyway, and she replied "the results are with the consultant at the moment, she'll probably need another three weeks to write them up and get them to you. You'll just have to wait."

Another three weeks? What, is she writing a frigging novel?! :( Why so damn long????

I'm obviously hoping that this means the results aren't requiring urgent attention, but STILL, I'm really really upset with the way I've been treated for the past 6 months.. I feel like a really strongly worded letter needs writing to the hospital director!! :( It's so rubbish to have to go through all this anyway, without having to deal with people who, quite simply, DO NOT CARE.

Anybody else felt like this? xx

Hiya, it's absloutly awful! I rang up one week after I had my done and the receptionist was less then helpful and made a song and dance about 

how long I should wait she then checked and low and behold my results were back however the consultant hasn't wrote them up until today! 

I only know what mine are because iv rang up everyday since monday and yesterday the receptionist said I will email the consultant and tell him how anxious you are

and hopefully he will write them up and I can tell you so that's why when iv rang back up today the receptionist told me what they were, but like you've said if there was any indication it was CC they would of told you by now, I know by experience how you often have to chase things up to get anything from our NHS I would give them a call on Monday then Tuesday etc etc 

so they know how anxious you are and hopefully they will have the consultant wrote them up quicker xxx

Oh and iv already put a complaint in to PALS about how my consultant treated me

on the day of my actual colposcopy I wouldn't normally bug he was absolutely disgusting! Xx

Hi Lola,

How did you go about putting a complaint in with PALS? I've been wanting to say something about them missing out things in my notes that prolonged by lletz by almost 2 months.

Thanks :) x

Hiya I have their telephone number I sent an email to my local hospital then they give me it ia


08007835774 xx

I would just like to put a different point of view on this. Your consultant may of had 3 women diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the last week and been busy dealing with them, operating on them, and dealing with them post op. Maybe they are involved in Palliative care for one of their patients. You never know what is going on behind the scenes. If you feel very strongly about complaining then of course do but also be aware that will take up more of your consultants time when they could be writing up results.

Sometimes when we are in the middle of our own crisis it is difficult to see the bigger picture.

I feel really embarrassed now, I've read your blog previously so I'm familiar with your story and I know how much tougher it is to deal with that result than having to wait a few weeks.. You've given me a bit of a kick up the arse to not be so ungrateful.. genuinely appreciate it xx

It's not being ungrateful it's looking at the bigger picture but in hindsight that's easier said then done, 

iv made myself sick with worry about it all, iv put a complaint in yes but it has nothing to do with my results or anything like that ie the wait

its how I was treated on the day of my colposcopy he had me in tears before he even looked at me because of how he went in with me 

and his whole attitude he may of had an "off" day that's no excuse for how I was treated.

iv also read your blog and I am familiar with what you have been through and it's awful xxx

I don't think any of you are being ungrateful. It's just easy to forget that these guys, well at least in my hospital, do it all. I am having abiopsy next week and I know it will not be treated as urgent and will be joining you in the worry wagon but it will help me to know that whoever will be dealing with it will be busy dealing with more urgent cases than swanning it around on the golf course! Like I say, I don't know your experience, my consultant was fab, the nurses far less so. For me personally it was a very difficult decision wether to complain about the nurses or not. I decieded not to make a formal complaint but mentioned it to my Consultant. I suppose if it's the consultant that you are unhappy with it is a tougher call to make. I also know that a lot of my anger and frustration was because I was angry and frustrated that I had cancer rather than purely with the staff if that makes sense.




Def lodge a complaint through pals. Last year my clinic lost my biopsy results... I called and called no one ever got back to me.. 2 months after my biopsy i had to physically take myself in to the clinic where they looked in my notes. No letter, no result.. The secretary looked really embarrassed.  I was so upset and lost faith in my clinic. A few days later they managed to get hold of the pathology lab and get my results again and let me know. Shouldnt have to do that. Xxx

About to look at your blog..... I thought it was Hell Over A Juice..... not Hello Vera Juice. lol