Still waiting 2 weeks

this is making me feel ill waiting :(

Spiros r u in the UK?

Yes. xx

Its awful this waiting! Wished now that I asked what they thought after the procedure but I fainted! Think it was relief the loop was done and hopefully the end! Just focusing on no news is good news I hope. Really hope we get the results soon x

It's so bad isn't it? 


Lol you fainted poor you! I cried like a silly child in the chair xx

I felt like crying!!! The whole experience has been awful and this is torture! x

Where I am in scotland they have an obligation to let u know and start a plan of action within 2 weeks if it's bad news. So I think the fact that u haven't heard is a positive sign :)

Me too and I'm at 4 weeks on 3/6.......