Still really scared :(

Hi guys

I had my colposcopy and loop biopsy done 2 weeks ago and im still waiting for results. Ive been told it should be around 4weeks. Im like a nervous wreck :( if it were cc would they leave it as long as that and would It be told through a letter? Or would I be called sooner. If anyone can shed any light on this that would be great xxx


If it was cervical cancer you would typically be contacted within two weeks, and it would usually be sooner than that (I was phoned a week afterwards and was asked to go in to see them). Everyone I know who has had a cancer diagnosis in recent years - of any kind - has been told within a fortnight, even though they've usually been told at the biopsy appointment that they'd be informed in 4-6 weeks. Of course, in most cases, this is what happens, because the vast majority of people do not get a cancer diagnosis as the outcome of their loop. If it's nothing to worry about, then you don't tend to get the letter for several weeks, because there is no clinical urgency.

If you had cancer, the protocol which they are supposed to follow (and generally these days they do) is to ring you and ask you to come in to discuss your results. You would never be told in a letter that you've got cancer. Having said that, I want to reassure you that if you get a phone call, it doesn't mean you've got cancer, so don't panic if that happens!

To be honest, the fact that you haven't heard anything after two weeks is a good sign.

Take care,

Annabel. x  


Hi Annabel

Thankyou so much for your reply and im also so sorry about your diagnosis, hope u are better now? I have found the lack of information from health care professionals really hard :( I have asked several different nurses/doctors/receptionists how i would be contacted if it were bad news and also how long it may take to hear back if cancer was found, and none of them seemed to have much of an idea. So to hear from someone who has actually been through it is a great comfort.

Many thanks hun xxx

i called the hospital today as it's ten days since biopsies. Still no results but she said you hear sooner rather than later.I'm so worried i have Cancer again and you would think i should be use to this.

Ahhhh ali i really feel for you :( It must be horrendus having to wait again after all you have been through! I really hope everythings fine. How long did u wait the last time when it was bad results? x

Had stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer So lots of tests.

HI, my results took 3 weeks wheni was diagnosed with CC but as soon as my consultant received them I was telephoned and asked to go and urgently see them (rather than the results coming in the post as I had been advised previously!) x

I hope I hear soon because it's driving me mad not knowing. I can deal with anything as long as I know what's going on. 


The waiting is the worst. I would say just keep on at the hospital every few days because if your results are ok, you won't be put in a priority pile so you could be sitting at home worrying and yet your results are sitting there waiting for someone to get around to typing up and sending to You! Never hurts to keep on at them. Fingers crossed they come soon but definitely the longer you wait without hearing the better really (as much as it may not feel like that at the time!) :) xxx