Still nothing

Morning here is my daily stress after a night of no sleep yet again.

Was examined Monday and the consultant said she is confident I have cancer. She said I would hear and a pet scan and MrI soon and she would call with the biopay results which she requested urgently.  I havent heard anything from anyone and don't even have a point of contact. While they were looking I got the impression from their reactions it looks bad plus they are saying its cancer so just thought I would at least get quick dates for the scans.

i know I'm being selfish as so many people in my position but just thought wirh the extent of it I would have heard from somebody. I'm worried they have written me off and having loads of aches and pains which I'm concerned is indicating its spreading while I wait. 

im thinking of going private for the scans if that speeds things up but don't have anyone to talk to about how that can work in conjunction with the nHS.


im fearing and thinking the worst and struggling to keep positive and cope. 


Ps thanks for all your support this site has been a god send.



Hi Kimmy

totally understandable to be feeling like this! My MRI took 2 weeks from initial diagnosis and the appointment for letting me know staging was the following week.  I had a LLETZ as treatment for suspected CIN 3 where they actually discovered they had removed most of a tumour so I can't advise on how long biopsy's normally take. I'm sure that your scan appointment will come through soon but if you want to go private and need advice on how it works, I think a lady on here called Pab123 had a private MRI if I remember correctly. Sorry if I have that wrong lab! Perhaps she can advise.  I'm surprised they haven't allocated you a cancer nurse specialist as a point of contact. Perhaps ask them about this when they get in touch. 


I hope one they get in touch soon. Xxxx

Waiting is by far the hardest in this horrible time and what we think is urgent in the nhs world 2 weeks is urgent for us that seems ridiculous.  keep ringing ans maybe see your gp they could chase things for you. 

Big hugs xxxx

Thanks Sarah I've never been patient even when it doesn't matter so much!! 

Yes Kimmy lol, I am the same I am impatient when I'm waiting for a taxi... nevermind anything like this! X

Ps I asked my consultant about having a private mrI and he said it wouldn't make much difference time wise as it has to be discussed at mdt meeting so you might get private mri and then it has to sit around for few days before next meeting.  And cost wise it's between £200-800 depending on where you go how many you need. Xxx

£200-800!!!! Makes me realise how incredibly lucky we are to have the nhs.

Wish I could make it go faster for you! The waiting is so hard

Flippin iPad grr!

it definitely won't be spreading that quickly and I felt the same about aches and pains...they've probably been there prior to this but you're just paying more attention now x

Thanks Sarah and sweet pea I know ur right I'm just one of life's worriers!! Was back at work today trying to get on with things ! 


How are you getting on sweet pea? 

Yes :-)

The NHS is magic and you are very lucky indeed to have it. I have no health cover at the moment and have had to pay for every step of it. Thankfully in Greece they don't believe in punishing the sick and medicine is not done for profit, but at cost, so my twice-yearly CT scans are in the region of 300 euros a time. Hope that helps :-)

Be lucky :-)