still no smear

so im 22 and posting awhile back as was having vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

stringy discharge that is blood tinge after weeing .

pelvic/bikini area pain .

leg pains .

back pain .

heavier periods 

period every two weeks .

pain during intercourse.

my doctor has told me that i can not have a smear has done all the swab tests ect and all come back clear each time he sent me for a kidney scan just incase it was my kidneys as i had major back pain and pain in kidney area too which also came back good and cleary healthy .

i keep getting told its all the signs of a sti so i get all the tests and they come back fine my mother had cervical cancer when she was 29 so i told them this and also they ignored it .

i feel really alone at the moment im going through great anxiety because of this as soon as i start feeling better again something happens either back pain belly ache ,bleeding ect and i have really big clots too during my cycles sorry for tmi !!

i do not have the money to go private and im really scared i dont know who to turn to i had really good advice last time but i have hd really bad weak days and where i have not felt myself im 22 and a mother of two had a previouse misscarriage in feb 2014 which was all the same symtoms i started bleeding 2 days after finding out had the stringy mucus stuff and stomach cramps ect 3 weeks later i misscarried i cant help but think that i have cervical cancer and this caused the misscarriage .

i dont know if this is a symtom too but i have lost so much weight im 8.6 stone and 5ft 7 i can not put on weight i have never been really thin and i keep just wasting away im having new symtoms and weakness ect and the doctor are just saying thats anxiety but i cant help but think this is all related i have not been myself since august 2013 when this all started .

i  dont know where to turn too im really scared and would like some advice if anybody knows a way around this to mak the doctors check me without a smear ?

Hi Stephanie,

I am really sorry to hear that you are going through all this misery. Your doctor really doesn't sound very helpful at all! First of all I would like to say that anxiety really does cause loss of appetite / weight loss / inability to gain weight, so it could honestly be that, but I'm not trying to tell you here that it definitely what it is. OK? Secondly I'd like to say that whilst some cancers, like breast or ovarian, can have a genetic link and be passed down from mother to daughter, I'm pretty sure this doesn't happen with cervical cancer. (This is where I made my big mistake, nobody in my family had ever had any form of cancer so I thought I was practically immune and that my symptoms couldn't possibly be cancer!). So just because your mum had it doesn't mean to say that you are more likely to. This is probably why your doctor ignored that particular remark.

But, where you doctor works, is it shared with other doctors? Can you make an appointment to see a different doctor in the same practice? If not, is there a separate clinic for women where you could make an appointment? If none of these are possible then you could, as a last resort, register with a different GP, but before doing that have a chat with women who live close by to see which of the local doctors they recommend.

Be lucky!


Hi Stephanie

it sounds like you're really going through it at the moment. I'm going to be blunt and say if I were you I would bite the bullet and pay for a private test. It is extremely difficult to 'get around' the current rules. Most hospitals are obliged to send back tests even if they have been requested by a GP, and this probably isn't the time to take on the system anyway.

I'm not associated with any medical service, but I did a quick Google search for you and Marie Stokes does a test for £79. I think they are based in London.

Even if you have to pay more, maybe think of it as an investment for peace of mind or kick starting some action. It doesn't mean you have to do everything private, having a test could be all you need to get their attention. 


Hiya stephanie 

Just wondered how your getting on or had any luck with a referral or anything just im having similar symptoms . Bad backache , stringy blood tinged mucus after weeing and bleeding im 23 and have 2 children too . My gp has also refused a smear xx