Still no news

I had my colposcopy on May 10th after having found to have abnormal cells.
Dr did the test and results came back as iodine neg and dense acetowhite changes.
Here we are now in Aug and no news.
6 calls to the hospital and refusal to tell me biopsy results or anything else over the phone i still don’t have a clue what is happening.
What would you do?


That does sound confusing, I had something happen where I didn’t hear about my appointment I can’t remember if it was for the colposcopy or lettz but I called up and they said it should be within 6 weeks as they have time frames to follow and she called me back and booked it in (So maybe that was for the lettz)

It has been way over 6 weeks so why are they refusing to tell you, do they give a reason? Are you calling the main hospital, I had a number on my letter for the nurse in the gyno team maybe it could just be an issue with trying to get to the right team or you will need to go back to your GP as they can chase this too. But I was told if it is needing treatment they book llettz within 6 weeks so it sounds like maybe it could be that the results were ok but even so they would send a letter back to the GP so I’d try them too :slight_smile:

I have spoken to the colposcopy unit, his secretary and nurse on the unit.
No one will give me any news, his secretary said my notes are on his desk and she emailed him directly 3 weeks ago to ask how long will this take to be typed up.
So still nothing.
It will be 3 months on 10th Aug.
I asked for biopsy results and was told i cannot be told over the phone

Try contacting the patient liaison service of the hospital you had it. They’ve been great when I’ve had issues before on getting information etc.

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Thank you.
Have called again, the Dr has ‘personal’ problems’ so i am having to have another colposcopy in Nov as it is still abnormal.
Taken nearly 12 weeks to tell me this.

Thats awful for you to go through that. I had a similar issue where my results took 9 weeks but they said they were doing additional tests on my biopsy but it doesnt help does it afterwards? Stay strong xx

I was promised a letter saying i have to have another colp in 6 months, the letter was promised latest Weds this week, still nothing.