Still No Date.......

So sorry to let this out when so many of you are suffering but I'm having such a bad day today.  Had to come home from work as I just keep breaking down crying.

I still haven't heard of a date for my op yet.  I phoned the consultants secretary Monday afternoon and she said they are still waiting for theatre space.  Apparently the consultant doesn't have any fixed space and has to apply for it through admissions (this is private as I'm in BUPA through work).  Told her how nerve wracking it was waiting and she said she would e-mail him.

I was originally diagnosed on 2nd Sept but didn't see the consultant dealing with it until 20th Sept as he'd been on holiday.  He indicated that he thought the pre-ops would be the following week and the abdominal Radical Hysterectomy the following week (which would have been this week).  Now I'm thinking it's probably going to be at least another couple of weeks but the not knowing is so upsetting.  They said they'd ring me as soon as they knew so it's no point pestering them I guess.

The meltdown at work happened when I realised that because my op is likely to be later rather than sooner then it would be possible that hubby wouldn't be able to get any time off work when I get out and I haven't got anyone else to look after me.

I'm just so down today and it's all getting on top of me.  Has anyone else had a similar reason for the wait?



Hi Cheryl, I'm not in your situation but I would suggest continuing to ring them. From what I've read, pestering them, while not making you feel very proud, does definitely get you further! And if its especially important for you to get a date soon so your husband can be there for you, then you have every right to pester them. I work in accounts payable and if someone pesters me, then I pester my boss and things get paid quicker so it does work. Best of luck in your op, I really hope you get a date soon x

Hi, just phoned the Macmillan nurse who was lovely.  She said the consultant was down to do 3 of us on the same day and she would e-mail him straightaway to let him know I'd phoned.  Told her I didn't want to hassle him but just wanted an indication of the date as it had gone past what he had originally said.  Started crying on the phone so think she realised it was getting to me!

She finished up by saying she would ask him to contact me and if I hadn't heard by Friday then to phone his secretary or the Macmillan nurse line again.

Hi Cheryl

i know this time is awful and it sounds like the waiting is really getting to you, i was in a similiar situation at the end of July and then when the date came it came very quickly.  You say you're Bupa but will the surgery be done at a private hospital or an NHS one? i too started my journey but then swapped to an NHS hospital and this added to the delay.

Remember that it will be dealt with and soon, not as soon as you would like but soon.

I admire that you are still able to work, i was in no position to do so.



Hi Cheryl, i’m really sorry your having to wait to be told your surgery date. Hopefully they will give you it soon. The waiting through all this is horrendous, seems never ending. Hope you hear soon x

Oh Cheryl,

I too am amazed you're still at work so well done you for trying to keep going. At least you have now been told a little more by nurse so fingers crossed for Friday. I assumed Bupa would be sorted quickly and didn't realise the problems there would be to book theatre space- is this because it is an NHS theatre?

i really feel for you and just hope that your last phone call worked and things are now in motion.

much hugs and love


Hi Pat, many thanks for your reply.  The surgery will be done at a private hospital.  Did wonder if it would have been quicker on the NHS but will stay where I am now.  It wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't been misled with 2 previous possible dates then nothing. 

Must admit it's a hell of a struggle to work but I do the payroll and unfortunately nobody else knows how to do it.  I'm training somebody up to cover the first few weeks I am unable to do it then it's a case of doing it from home on a laptop!


Thank you Sharon & Don

The theatre is a private one, there are just 3 in the hospital.  The nurse I spoke to did give me a bit more hope and seemed to understand a lot more.  It sounds like I was perhaps the first on the list and the consultant was filling up his surgery day with the next couple of ladies on his list, hence the longer delay for me.

Hope you are feeling a bit better today Don.


Thanks Cheryl,

this constipation and gas is beyond belief... At least u are postponing this! Oh dear...

let's hope that's what's happening with the theatre list- fingers crossed