Still no ACTUAL results!!!

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem as I have.

I went for a colposcopy after a severe high grade smear result in December 2015 - routine smear, no symptoms of anything.

At the colposcopy the Doctor said he could see nothing to worry about except a small area of inflammation which he took biopsies of to be on the safe side.

I am now 7 weeks and 2 days into waiting for results - I have rung the clinic who said the letter is on its way and they cannot discuss results over the phone. So I asked her if I was booked in for further treatment. She said that I am booked in for cold coagulation next week! I am unable to make the appointment so have been trying to change it but they keep saying someone will get back to you with an alternate date.

No one has got back to me since Friday - so I phoned again yesterday and still no date. I’ve received a letter saying I have an appointment for another colposcopy but says nothing about treatment! They confirmed treatment on the phone though.

It’s so frustrating as I just want to get the treatment (for whatever it is…) done! Also has anyone just turned up for treatment and not known results and why you are having treatment?!

Sorry for moaning about something that is so trivial compared to most - it’s just really starting to annoy me as I just want to know what they found at biopsy.

Charlene xx

thats crazy, no wonder you're so frustrated. Hope you get resolved asap x


I don't really know what to say. But I hope you get the answers you seek soon. If that was me I'd keep chasing them up to be honest.  Bug them every other day til you know what's what. Your health is paramount xxx

Much love x


hi Katie!

I rang again today - the nurse who is changing appointments is not in today! That is the 3rd time this week I have phoned. It's ridiculous!!!!! Surely the receptionist can rearrange my appointment?! I was thinking maybe they are being awkward because I couldn't make the one they gave to me but I have given them 2 weeks notice.

Charlene xx