still in shock

ive been back and forth to the doctors since august last year.started with urine leagage and blood tests no examination the mean time started with heavy bleedind and losing blood clots .doctor refered me to urology.they told me that the bleeding wasnt connected to the urine leakage.had anumber of xrays couldnt find anything.went back to doctors again with heavy bleeding and blood clots again and managed to convine them to refere me to gyny.went to gyny who gave me an internal and took abiopsy i started bleeding and couldnt stop in took myself to a and e cause felt soill and discoverd id lost 3 pints of blood they kept me in and told me 3 days later i had stadge 2b cervical cancer andits very big i feel solet down by doctors im still in shock as anyone elas gone threw thisxxxxxx

Hi Debi,

So sorry to read your news and how traumatic your journey has been up to this point. Sounds like you had a horrible time. Shock is completely normal - we all go through a rollercoaster of emotions, I think. It takes time to process it all.

All of us have had different experiences up to diagnosis, but the thing I can say, is that once I was identified as having CC, things moved forward remarkably quickly and mostly smoothly. The specialist teams that deal with this disease really know what they are doing and I think you will learn to trust them again. It’s hard but now that you know what you’re dealing with the thing is to try to focus your energy and strength on next steps.

We all understand how scary and upsetting it is, so good luck as you move forward. I found this forum very helpful and we are all here to support each other so keep in touch. Hugs xxx

Hi debi sorry to hear about your diagnosis…sounds so similar to how they found mine as well…I too went to a&e as I had a massive bleed and passed out. Its certainly a scary time but we are all here for you every step of the way. This forum is such a great avenue of support and help. I am so thankful for jo`s. Let me know if you have any questions about treatment or anythilng at all x x

Hi Debbie, So sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with cc last November and fully understand what a terrible shock it is. I also want to repeat what the other girls have said - this forum is a wonderful way to ask questions or simply to off load those worries. Lots of girls here that have tons of experience and happy to help.

Stargazing x

thanku for your reply ive been to hospital and i start my treatment after easter six week of chemo and radio and then someinternal treatment so worrying about that now its all so scaryxxhope u r ok x

carnt imagine what u going threw especially at young age im 43 ive been told i start treatment after chemo and radio for six weeks then some internal treatment so worying about that now how r u doingxx

thanku for your reply i think this site is helping our r u doing im just waiting to start treatment xx

Hi debi was diagnosed in September and started treatment in October by the beginning of December I was back at work.  it is scary to be told you have cancer but be reassured there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  i also had chemo/radiotherapy and internal radiotherapy.

Stay positive Hun but don't forget if you need help ask for it there are many people who can help even if its to pass you tissues.

Lisa xx

Hi Debi, 

I'm really sorry you've had this news, I just want you to know there are lots of women only too happy to help with your questions and fears here. I hope you get the best treatment now.

big hugs xxx

thanku for your kind words glad it went well for u just want to get treatment started im not aloud to go to work as i am a community care worker and involves lifting they dont want me to have abig bleed again xxx

thanku everyone is so kind on here our r u doing xx

Hi Debi, 

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I have to say, I'm impressed that you could get yourself to A&E after losing three pints of blood - most people would have fainted long before then! 

I'm assuming that as you have a 9cm tumour they have given you further scans of other areas of your body? 

What type of tumour have they said you've got? Have they said why they are choosing to wait until after Easter to start your treatment? 

Sorry for all the questions - just want to try and help as much as possible. 


hi i know ive been going to work bleeding so just kept going when i went in they said my blood count was 6.6 borderline so blood transfusion needed as my cervix was bleeding just that its a slow growing cancer had ascan to make sure hasnt spred  its only spread in to my tissue just outside the to wait till after easter as cause its bank holiday they dont run the machines and my radio and chemo has got to run without abreak so sat waiting again.carnt work in case i have abig bleed again cause i am a care workerand its heavy so i am just so boredxxour r u xxx

A lot of people who have radiotherapy (for lots of different types of cancer, not just cervical cancer) have it every day for 5-6 weeks. On the basis that they can't run the machines over bank holiday, that would mean that anyone diagnosed with cancer in the six weeks before a bank holiday would not be able to start their treatment for about six-eight weeks. Clearly, this is not realistic or plausible. Considering that National Guidelines state that treatment has to start within 49 days of diagnosis, there is no way that they could possibly operate like this. Generally they will fill in the extra days at the end of your treatment if they genuinely don't have anyone there to run the machines on a bank holiday. This simply isn't a reason for them to delay your treatment so you really need to ring your cancer nurse and start asking some questions. I would also contact the patient liason organisation of your hospital so they can advocate for you. When were you diagnosed?

Annabel. x

i was diagnosed on the 28th feb x

I have had a similar experience and if I can help just ask. I recall the oncologist telling me the treatment is very good as I was terrified as they said me tumour was large/could not operate as no point would not get a clear margin of tissue.  I went back and forth to GP for 6 months, examination said she could not see anything untoward but would refer me for scan, gave me iron tablets for aneamia, took myself to A&E, first time told me to go back to GP as 'no gynea DR in A&E', had another massive bleed so dialled 999 this time they kept me in. transferred me to a different hospital gave me 3 units of blood and diagnosed stage 2b 2 days later.  That was 2003 and no longer have to go for check ups as post 5 years.

I too felt very scared but once treatment started and something is happening you have a plan and I felt better as the kind gynea doc said who diagnosed me 2 weeks before said.

Treatment plan was 6 weekly chemo (not too bad just felt a bit flu like for a day or two each week which was bearable, 5 weeks Radiotherapy painless just felt a bit tired towards the end of the 5 weeks.  Only other sympton was felt a bit sick at times but they give you good anti sickness drugs (ask for the stronger ones if you need to), only other issue was temperature went up week 4 and they gave me penicillin as thought had infection (said after that I hadn't). mistake also as I am allergic. Penicillin rash came back after chemo 5 (said it was now an allergic reaction to the chemo as my immune system recognised the chemo as part of the cocktail of peniciliin/chemo from previous week.  Oncologist would not let me have chemo number 5 as allergic reactions can get worse as the immune system wises up and the reaction gets stronger.

Had a few weeks break after chemo/RT and felt fine. Had internal radiotherapy next (painless) but as this was early 2004 it took 48 hours of lying on a bed but this is not the case now as the machines now deliver the doses in minutes not hours.


MRI a few weeks later was clear and check ups all clear - they are every year after the first few.  


FOR Debi

Sorry meant to say empathise with you as totally get how you are feeling but trust me it does get better when you start the treatment which is really  not that bad.  I went shopping after every chemo and drove myself to every radiotherapy session and you are literally in and out in a few minutes. For me its 10 years ago and apart from going on Jo's trust wenbsite to see if I can help I rarely think about CC. You will get through this, look after yourself and ask for support whenever you need it. 

thamkyou for your support xxx

good luck debi with your Will be a long road but you will get there. your experience must have been terrible. try to remain positive. will be thinking of you.

Hi Debi,

So sorry to hear your news and to be messed around like you have is awful. Your symptoms sound exactly like mine with lots of heavy bleeding and blod clots. I'm very thankful that my doctor who was a locum at the surgery was pretty quick dealing with everything. I was told by her after having an examination on Monday 25th March that I have a number of growths on my cervix and I've been referred urgently with suspected cancer.

I hope all your treatment goes well and sending you lots of best wishes.

Keep your chin up.


x x x