still in pain

Hi to you all, it's been some months now since my operation and my first check up is in May, it was delayed due to work stuff, I wonder if anyone has similar issues to me, I have alot of pain in my pelvis area which is on and off, I know my bladder and bowels will never be the same, I can't hold my wee very well and I have 5-6 bowel movements every morning and my diet is really ok and sensible right now as I have put on so much weight since my diagnosis, although this is a very slow process. I have pain on my right side, centre of my tummy, I expected nerve damage and lymphedema etc. Perhaps I am worrying too much. I also seem to have developed a swollen right armpit aswell..........I'm actually eating salads, fruit for breakfast, I'm being good, honest Cool. Thanks for reading this and best wishes to you all. Deb.



Wow Deb, you really are dealing with a lot, aren't you? Understandable, but I suggest trying to get things in some kind of order.

first things first. Write down all of your actual symptoms before you go to see you consultant. Try to put them in some kind of order. Pain at the top, then issues with bladder and bowel And so on. Thing you are worried about at the bottom. Then try to work through them in order. There are things they can do to help you with some of them. Others you just have to give it time,but at least with a bit of structure you won't come out of the appointment and realise you forgot to say something important.

as for the weight gain thing, you have just been through an incredibly stressful experience which probably involved a period where you were less active than normal and your hormones are all over the shop. I know it's horrible (believe me),but try to be kind to yourself. When you are ready, you'll get it sorted, just don't pile too much pressure on yourself.

good luck for your appointment - it's weird going back the first time but it is a measure of how far you've come. big hug x