Still HPV+

Hello everyone so i tested pos last year with LSIL and had a colposcopy done ans it was normal. now i went for my yearly and i got the same result HPV+ with LsIL ans need another colposcopy. I have only ever had 1 sexual parner before thos dignoses and i hat e that it is still affecting me. When i went to my previous appt they made me feel dirty because theyvsais to limit many sexual partners but ive inky ever had one. Now i havent told anyone about this not even my mom who i am very close to but this diagnosis has caused me to cry evey single day. I hate that this happened and regret not waiting to have sex. I just want this to be over. I also want to tell my mom because i dint want to go through this alone but im scared of her reaction or thay she may think it is my current bf of a few months fault. Sorry for the long share but currently have no one going through this with me

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