Still get so tired

My treatment  finished  mid March  i still get  days  where im so  tired  im still not bak at work  fully yet only on 18 hrs a week is this normal x

Everyone's body deals with things differently an if ur tired it's telling u it still needs time to recover, there is no set time period to feeling better or getting over it, take every day as it comes an the tired days will become less frequent.



i totally agree with pp. Try not to compare to anyone else when it comes to the amount of time your body needs. You have been through so much not only physically but mentally. You have felt with so much and don't be hard on yourself. 

Take each day as it comes. Stay positive. I have felt like every 2 steps forward I take one step back so it has taken so long. Even more then 1 year post treatment I have days that seem almost impossible. I know slowly but surely I will get there and so will you. 

Chin up lady. You got this post treatment crap!!!!

big hugs 

Thanks  ladies just gets me down I thought by now  i wud  b bsk to my old self 

I'm 19 months post treatment and I still get tired and im not back to work I tried and was to much for me I've started doing a balance class at the gym to see if this will help me just take every day as it comes love Leanne xx 

So glad  I'm not only one  I felt lik it  was just  me  did the  class at  the gym help  x 

It makes me feel good but I end up in bed for a day the next day so mabe I shouldn't do it but the doc recommended for me to do it so time will tell

Im now on vit  b12 tabs  hope  they help