Still feeling the fear

Hi ladies

About 3 weeks ago I received the news that all of us here wants... I have an unremarkable pelvis with no sign of persistence or recurrence. 
I am overjoyed, I really am. But I'm still struggling. Does the fear ever go away?! 
Every pain or ache terrifies me. And the boob ache from HRT has got me checking my boob (only one aching) several times a day convinced I'm going to feel something I shouldn't. 
I'm irrational, hyper sensitive emotionally and driving myself and my husband mad. I feel like if I don't get it under control I'm going to waste the precious gift I've been given  

Any advice on how to try and stay sane and get my life back in an emotional sense? Any and all suggestions warmly received.
Thank you

Lou xx

 It doesnt 100% go away but it gets easier to live with.


Think about life pre cancer- if you're anything like me,  cancer was always a worry - checking boobs, headaches - all that sort of thing had me worrying.  Now it's just that little bit more so.

I'm 5 years on and still think about it daily but you do get a sort of calm and acceptance xxx

Sorry I can't tell you the fear completely goes, but, as I sat, it does get easier to live with x