Still Confused :-/


Can anyone help as Im a little confused, I had a smear in Jan which showed up as Servere Dyskaryosis, I was sent for a colop straight away, however the gyne couldn't do the proceedure there and then even though it was an extensive area as she said it was too close to my vaginal wall (im assuming she meant the Leetz). So she just took 2 punch biopsies, and said if the result confirmed the smear results then I would need treatment under GA.

My results are now in and have confirmed CIN 3. So I now need to wait for a date for my proceedure again assuming its the Leetz under GA which is fine, but what I want to confirm is that if it was C would that have been picked up on my punch biopsy? or have I got to go through more weeks of waiting for the results of my Leetz proceedure.

I feel so desperately unhappy as I really am a bit confused with this all, one minute I feel really positive and the next worried about it all.

Im having a terrible time trying to concentrate at work, Im a full time working mum with a 2 yr old and a 8 year old and I am in the middle of interviews for a new job, but dont want to do anything silly like change jobs if theres any likelyhood of future ops/time off in the near future.

Sorry to sound so dramatic, I know there are many people in far worse situations than Im in, but Im so confused that Im finding it hard to put anything into perspective.

Any advice will be sooo appreciated xxx


Smear Jan 13 - Severe Dyskaryosis, Feb 13 Colp, extensive acetowhite area to close to vaginal wall for proceedure, biopsy taken. March 13 CIN3 confirmed awaiting Lletz under GA



I totally understand how you're feeling. am a little bit further along with treatment for my CIN3 though as i had the LLETZ yesterday (LA not GA) - which was absolutely fine by the way! But now i just so anxious about the results and also wondering if there was cancer would it have been picked up in the punch biopsy i had at my colposcopy. I tried to speak to the consultant about it yesterday and she was simply saying that if cancer was there in the biopsy it would have been detected, however she couldnt say 100% and it wouldnt be fair to....just wanted to let you know that you're not alone worrying about this i too am finding it hard to concentrate!!! best of luck xxxx

Hi, I know how your feeling, you want to know what’s what! I’m.currently waiting for my lletz results. My sister was cin 3, then had lletz and her results from lletz showed cervical cancer, she went on to make a full recovery. I do believe this is rare though. Try and stay positive, you are in the system now and all these procedures are there to help detect the abnormality before it turns cancerous x

I phoned the colpscopy clinic and the nurse said yes my biopsy was confirmed CIN 3 and this was unlikely to become cancerous for 15-20 yrs and that no way could it be cancer!!!???? So I guess I must be worrying myself to death for nothing, I just dont feel convinced, if that is entirely true why do they treat you so quickly?? (even though the results seems to take an eternity!!) 

Im really sad to say I feel as though Ive been dismissed all the way through this, my consultant didnt tell me anything at the colpscopy, I'm sure its because they dont want you to worry us but honestly I find being dismissed more distressing and have taken real comfort on here that there are other ladies who feel exactly the same as I do.

Take care ladies and thank you so much for your words of support xxx

Hi PocketRocket,

I'm glad you've got some answers :) Everyone always says the waiting is the worst bit (waiting for procedures, waiting for results, waiting for check up appointments, the waiting list is endless!) and it is, but what I found equally difficuly and totally unexpected was my reaction to the whole thing. I'm fairly level headed in general life and at work, but apaprently not when it comes to my health! Until this whole smear experience I've never experienced anything like the anxiety, worry, insomnia (sometimes I do worry before  I go to sleep about things, but this was on a whole other level), dreams about procedures, bad dreams in general, and all the while feeling like noone (apart from the ladies on here - Jos is an absolute god send!) knew or would understand what I was going through. 

Some of us are just wired differently I think as I had a friend who had the same issues about 6 months before me and I spoke to her about it a lot when I was worrying, and she seemed to be able to just brush everything off and forget it whereas I obsessed (and to some extent still do lol). I've managed to get myself under control with some stern talkings to (in my head lol). But as with you, the speed that everything happens at, the lack of information generally around for us, and doctors and nurses assuring you that everything is normal and it happens to loads of people etc. just didnt really cut it by way of reassuring me - so much so that I seriously considered going to see my gp practice nurse and asking if she could refer me anywhere for some councelling. 

I've waffled quite a bit here, but I wanted you to know that you're not alone in feeling how you do :) I have literally no advice on how to deal with it apart from time and blocking everything out lol probably not too healthy! But it seems to be working for me for the minute. Feel free to PM me if you ever want a rant or anything :) x x x