still cant find the answer

Hi me again posted a few time still waiting on results bu i must admit looking on google but still can find the answer.. could someone pleas tell me what is high grade dyskaryosiss is it cin3 just cant work out some thing's says cin3 and dyskaryosis are the same others say not What is DYSK... IS IT JUST ABNORMAL CELL SORRY am struggling to under stand please help again......


Thank you all 



Hi Joni :-)

CIN is dyskariosis, can't remember what the three letters stand for, sorry.

Dyskaryosis means changes to the cells, also called abnormalities.

CIN 1 is mild dyskariosis; CIN2 is moderate dyskariosis and CIN3 is severe dyskariosis. 

None of them are cancer but CIN3 is closer to cancer than CIN1. All of them can clear up all by themselves but as a general rule the more severe the dyskariosis the more likely you are to be offered treatment to help get rid of it.

Hope that helps :-)

Be lucky


Thank you once again hun my letter just said high grade dyskariosis still waiting for colposcopy results xx Would that mean severe xx

Hi Joni

I would think that it probably does. It sounds to me like they have probably found CIN3. I'm sure you'll have the full picture as soon as your colposcopy results come through.

Be lucky


I think i will be much better once i have the results what ever they mabe its the waiting i think thats the hard part.. at least you know what your dealing with once you have the results.... like i have said before the docs at the colposcopy were just not helpfull i know they also said while i was there about long dangley bits which could be hpv but i really dont have anything to go on as thats all i could pick up from them talking to each other ... xxx


Thank you Tivoli xx


my letter after my smear test stated high grade and in the leaflet that came with it, it said high grade can be CIN2 or CIN3. It turns out after my LLETZ treament that the result was CIN2.



Thank you fingers crossed its just straight forward xx