Still bleeding ..

Had my biopsys 9 weeks ago still bleeding dr said I’m still healing ? Anyone else had this x

Hey Hun 

i stopped after about 3 weeks. Might be worth getting a second opinion, sure my leaflet said up to 6 weeks bleeding.  

Thanks Hun I'll ring the drs again see What they say xx

hey tasha

I only bled for a couple of weeks and my periods have gone back to normal, its been 14 weeks since my lletz now..

hope you are doing well aside from the bleeding? when do you return for your 6 monthly? mine is in march!!! its seems to be coming around a whole lot quicker then I imagined.

merry christmas xx

Mine is in April but at my gp, I'm ik thank you how are you? I'm in the depo so not had a period for a while apart from this bleeding xx merry Christmas too :)

Im Ok thank you, plodding along trying not to think about my appointment in March! wonder why mine is at hospital and not GP?

No idea why they have referred me back but I'll be going private next time as there is no after care still bleeding which keeps getting brushed under the carpet xx