still bleeding...

I had my lletz treatment over 2 weeks now, the bleeding was very heavy straight after for a few days then it eased off a bit, then last week i got heavy bleeding again which i thought was my period cus it was due around that time and lasted for 5 days which is normal for me then today the bleeding has started again, very red and quite heavy with stomach pains, anyone know how long this is suppose to last?? Im getting really fed up with it now 

Hi Dannie 

I had my treatment in march and was told anything up to 4 weeks is normal . I  started bleeding bright red blood just over two weeks into recovery , best to maybe check with your doctor in case it's an infection which was in my case. I also suffered stomach cramps and pains in my legs .The hospital and gp told me any fresh bright red blood could be a sign of infection . I hope you feel better soon - the whole thing is just unpleasant isn't it 


Thanks for your reply, i was just starting to feel normal until it started again. I went doctors last week with smelling discharge and got antibiotics as he thought it was an infection so i doubt i could get another one, a few days after finishing the tablets, could i? The recovery process for this treatment is just draining me now.

Hi Dannie 

I too had awful smelling discharge , but I ignored it then started with a heavy bleed :-( of course you should go back to the gp if you are no better. 

I was told another course of antibiotics may be needed if it didn't clear up .the whole process feels like it takes forever. Took me about four weeks to feel normal again , sort of . Still feel tired and drained but I think that's just the stress . It's hard but we just have to be patient . And this site helped me too. Having ladies to talk to who understand is a comfort . Xx