still bleeding!

I had my colposcopy and biopsy almost 4 weeks ago, and I had a week of no bleeding and then last week I started bleeding again and it's like a period, with red blood and small clots. I know it can't be a period because I am on the pill. Is it normal to still be bleeding? 

Hi Kellyy,

I think the standard advice is as long as you're not beleding through a pad ridiculously quickly (in an hour or two) it's ok. I bled until pretty much 6 weeks after. I had no bleeding for a week, like you then boom it started and didnt stop - it was never heavy but it was always there and really really annoying. If you're concerned definitely give the colposcopy clinic a call, but generally I think everyone heals differently and some people it just takes longer :( (when I think about how my skin heals after I cut myself or anything it does take a while until it's back to normal (i.e. scab off and scar-y looking skin underneath, rather than scab off oozy looking skin) whereas some people are 1 scab and fine... honestly, the things you think about thanks to cervical abnormalities! x x x