Still bleeding post LLETZ

I had LLETZ 2 1/2 weeks ago and still bleeding bright red blood. No smell, no clots, no pain and feel perfectly well so no infection. Spoke to nurse about the fact there has been no change or improvement since procedure. Have been taking it easy, no exercise, just gentle short walks with the dog and general everyday life. This week has been particularly lazy as it’s half term but still there is no change.
Nurse was at a loss. Spoke to consultant who said it would stop ‘soon’ and I could go to GP to get checked for infection as some don’t have symptoms. Is that a thing? It’s easier to swim through treacle than get an appt at my surgery.
Has anyone else had this? When did the bleeding finally stop? I’m getting in a tizz as going away for my 50th on 11th March and if I’m still bleeding I will be unable to swim/wear costume which will pretty much ruin holiday. NHS put back op by nearly 2 weeks but still had 5 1/2 weeks which I thought would be enough to heal. Now I’m not so sure …

Hi @Kitkat1

The after effects of a LLETZ can usually last upto 4 weeks, all my after effects stopped dead on the 4 week mark xx


Hey, I’m the same as you. But the gynae team have said it’s normal to bleed for up to 4-6 weeks following the procedure.
Hope you are ok x

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I bled for 4 weeks maybe a little longer after my lletz same as you bright red, no smell or clots. After mine they said it could last 4-6 weeks and as long as it wasn’t heavier than a period its normal. Just had a second lletz i am hoping i dont bleed as long this time! X

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I also had this and was very worried. I had LLETZ done twice and both times I bled for around 4 weeks bright red blood. It does seem like it’s never going to stop. But it does. But if you get anything really heavy which is soaking a sanitary towel in less than an hour or so contact your consultant as there may be an infection

Hope this helps

Thank you so much for all your replies. You have put mind at ease. It does seem to take 4 weeks so hopefully I’ll be ok to put on a swimming costume by the time I go.
Thank you again x

Hi, I had my Lletz on 25 Jan and thought I’d stopped bleeding as had hardly anything yesterday but today started bleeding again. In fact, bright red and felt as if I had wet myself. When I spoke to the nurses/consultant last week, they said it was pretty normal to bleed for 4 weeks. I also had my mirena coil removed (which I had because if heavy periods) so I’ve no idea anymore so pretty much feeling the same as you.

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