Still bleeding and don't know where to go

Hi. Very long story short: I’ve had lletz for severe cell changes some years ago but negative for HPV since. Earlier this year I started bleeding. It went on for months. I went to colposcopy where the doctor said she could see cell changes, so sent off a smear and was booked in for a scan. Scan showed I still have a cyst on my ovary (I had. Whopper removed a few years back and it came straight back) that had grown a little bit was still under the ‘worrying size’ other ovary couldn’t be seen and uterus was described as ‘consistent with diffuse fibroid change’. The smear result came back negative for HPV and the consultant discharged me. I was still a bit confused as to why she saw cell changes and didn’t biopsy but have learnt with women’s issues they don’t always listen and eventually the bleeding and heavy discharge stopped…until a month ago when it started again
I’ve now been bleeding for 4 weeks and have had some really sharp pains in my cervix.
I don’t know what to do, as I just feel you get fobbed off and they won’t do another smear for 3 years.
I feel drained going back to the doctor’s as I’ve had pelvic pain off and on for years and I feel I’m just told it’s IBS (it’s not, I’m as regular as clockwork) or it’s in my head!
I feel like the constant bleeding is ruining me. I’m tired, unhappy and uncomfortable all the time. Sorry for the rant, just wondered if anybody els had any luck?

Hi @Gingerspider

One thing I’ve learned is that you have to push and advocate for yourself with GP. You know what is normal and what isn’t so I’d be pushing that the symptoms you are experiencing are concerning you and are indicators of CC.

Failing that if you can afford it go private. I think a smear is c£800 - £1,000 which in my mind is worth the money for piece of mind

Thanks for your reply. Sometimes you think that you are going mad and everyone tells you it’s ‘womens problems’ and you’re meant to just put up with it.
I think I’ll go back to the doctor and push to see my previous consultant, who was much better. Failing that, I might look to go private…having said that all the ones round here are men and frankly after a pretty dire experience, I really don’t want that.