Still bleeding after punch biopsy

Hi ladies,

I had a punch biopsy 14 days ago. Had some bleeding here and there, followed by brown discharge. I had thought it had all finished but 2 days ago I passed bright red blood. The next day it was brown again. Today, bright red blood again.

I feel like I can’t catch a break!

I was advised to avoid sex etc. for 2 weeks. Because I bled, does this mean I still can’t have sex?

Thanks in advance!

My doctor told me to wait at least a week or longer if the bleeding wasn’t finished. I’d personally wait for the bleeding to finish as that means there’s still a little open wound and you don’t want to deal with an infection. You could call your doctor and ask if you’re worried it might be infected already.

Thank you for responding! I think you are right. I managed to speak with the Nurse Colposcopist eventually and we didn’t even get to the question of infection because she already had my results in front of her. CIN 1 & 2 so I’m booked in for LLETZ on Friday. Impressed with the quick turnaround and just want to get it done now!

I’m glad they’re getting to you quickly! I hope the LLETZ goes well!