Still bleeding 9 months after cold coagulation

hi Everyone, 

last January I got abnormal smear results which I went to colposcopy to find out it was cin3 and got cold coagulation treatment in the June. I had my follow up smear in Dec which came back clear, I’m worried as I get spotting every since getting this treatment. Sorry for tmi but it mostly comes with a bowel movement. It started off week before period and now it comes after. Don’t get too much bleeding after intercourse only really had a brown discharge but tbh I’ve avoided any sort of intercourse in  in Past few months due to my worry. I went to go who had a look and said she could see a strange area where I had the treatment and has referred me back which I have appt on Friday ( colposcopy) anyone had this or any idea what it could be? Was so relieved to get clear smear but now all the worry is back. Thanks x

Hi I see you posted this a while ago but I’ve been having some similar problems and actually just posted a new thread on the forum about it. I had cold coagulation last year and it took several months to settle down. It was fine for 6 months then just recently had silver nitrate treatment for an erosion. The brown discharge has since come back. Just wondering how you got on at your last appointment at the colposcopy?