Still bleeding 7 weeks after loop procedure

I had loop procedure 7 weeks ago took away 6 groups of pre cancer cells first couple of weeks after I was losing a brown discharge that then turned into a brown watery substance and now I am bleeding and have been for past 3 weeks I’ve had results saying I will only need smears every 3 months now I’ve had a pain also in my lower back to one side that has begun to get worse and goes down my hip and leg

Didn’t want to read and run… have you called the hospital to chat it though with them?
Amy my lletz I was given their info and said to call if I had any issues. Xx

Hi yes rang hospital and on antibiotics now so hopefully by Thursday should be all good xx thankyou for your reply xx


Glad you’ve got antibiotics - this should sort you out! X

i did a cone biopsy under general anesthesia 4months ago most things seem normal only that during the week of my period bleeding stops for a day or a few hours then starts again also. Before my period used to last for 5 - 7days now i am spotting and flow sometimes even after 2 weeks

I finished antibiotics with no prevale have been back last week to have some swabs taken hoping for results tommow as still bleeding also been told to double up on my contraceptive pill for the next month xx