Still bleeding 6 months after LLETZ


Hope this is the right secion to post this.  In July last year I had a LLETZ treatment carried out to remove CGIN cells. The margins were not clear after this so another LLETZ treatment was required which was carried out in September. Ever since the second treatment I have had problems with continual bleeding i.e. I bleed most days. Every few weeks or so I sometimes get 4 or 5 days where the bleeding stops then it resumes again for another 3 or 4 weeks. The bleeding is mostly light with brief spells of it being quite heavy which I assume is my 'normal' period.


I have been to the gp a few times and they carried out blood test to check hormone levels which all came back fine on two occasions. During my last visit to the gp the doctor carried out an examination and said it looked as though after having the repeated LLETZ treatments part of my womb has ended up being exposed and that it was the womb continually shedding through my cycle and not having the cervic as a barrier that was causing the continual bleeding. The doctor said it could heal with time but gave no indication as to what time frame may be possibly involved. She said that going on the contraceptive pill would be the best option for stopping the bleeding so I agreed to that however two weeks after being on the pill the bleeding is still continuing. It did stop for the first few days of the pill however I think that might have been a coincidence where starting the pill coincided with my few bleeding free days and not as a result of starting the pill. My question is, is it a common occurrence that the womb can become exposed after multiple LLETZ treatments and if so how long should I be expecting it to take to heal?  Has anyone else experienced this? I have my follow up screening test at the hospital this month, which is 6 months after my last LLETZ treatment, and my fear is that if the results come back abnormal again would they actually be able to carry out another LLETZ treatment given that so much of my cervix has already been taken away to the point that a part of my womb is exposed?

Thanks in advance for any advice given!


Oh no that sounds awful! I would defo raise this at your appointment this month, it must be awful bleeding all the time. Kind of inconvenient and expensive on tge ST's! I know that if you have a lot of cervix removed and you want to get pregnant they can put a stitch in, I wonder if this might be an option to close up the gap. Have you got someone going with you? Fingers crossed for a clear result for you. It is meant to be 95% effective, and having had 2 procedures you should have a good chance of being all clear now :-)

Big hugs, best of luck


ugh poor you, you need to get this sorted as it's not acceptable to have this bleeding.  I wonder if someone specialist needs to have a look rather than a gp. Are u having a colposcopy for your follow up as sounds like u need one. I have had 2 X lletz for cgin one of which was quite big and the colposcopist who did second one said I have nothing left to lletz now. My bleeding stopped about 3-4 weeks after each time with no spotting as yet 2 months on.  Sending u lots of love and hope this gets sorted as it must be horrid. Xxxx


Thanks so much for the replies, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! My follow up is just a smear but I'm hoping that once I go through everything with them that they'll offer a colposcopy as well.  My appointment is with a nurse at the hospital but I'm going to ask if I can arrange an appointment with a consultant myself instead of having to get a gp to refer me as technically I'm still under the care of the hospital for this issue anyway, they don't discharge me until I've had clear results for a year so maybe I can go direct to the consultant.  It is very wearing having this going on constantly especially when it seems never ending at the moment! 


Susysooz, don't have anyone going with me as partner has to work unfortunately but will be fine I think as long as I make sure I remember to tell them everything that has been going on, will write it all down probably to make sure!

ChandosGirl, it's interesting that the colposcopist said that to you as that is my fear aswell that another LLETZ wouldn't be possible if this bleeding is related to abnormal cells and I'm a bit nervous about what that would mean as I'm not at the stage of my life yet where I would be willing to have a hysterectomy but that's getting ahead of myself as it might never come to that. 


Thanks for the support! xx

Appreciate this is an old post but did you ever get this resolved or has anyone else has this issue? I appear to be experience this same issue.

Hello LaurenFrances3 have you tried phoning the hospital to let them know about this issue before you have your follow up? Even if it's just for your own peace of mind.

Hope this helps



Yes, I have a smear and she said she couldn't see anything and the bleeding it coming from higher up.


i am concerned I may have the same issue as the OP and dread to think how long this is going to go on for.