Still bleeding 5 weeks after lletz?

I’m still bleeding after my biopsy’s not sure of sizes but they looked deep and also had a pipelle biopsy, Dr said no infection but if still bleeding I need to go back to the consultant, how long did people bleed for after the lletz? Xx

Also I don't have periods due to the injection xx

HI Tasha

My Gynae Consultant said I could bleed up to 4/5 weeks. I didnt start bleeding until 10 days after and then It was very heavy (subsequently I had an infection and was given antibiotics which stopped all bleeding) I also take the pill and when I had my first break I didnt have a bleed? I have taken my last pill today so wondering if I will bleed? tomorrow will be 8 weeks for me since procedure...

I would say by the sounds of it the LLETZ that we have messes everybody up and tbh we are not sure what is normal anymore :-(

Maybe just give your GP/COlP nurse a call for advice.. im sure what you are experiencing is as normal as wat it can be??

Love and hugs on this cold day


Cheers Hun, I bleed 4 days after and haven't stopped since. What a stress xx

Hope your getting ok Hun xx

Hi Tashalouise

I am 4 weeks today, and still bleeding. I have downgraded to a panty liner as it is on and off , hoping it will stop soon! Due on my p next week so if I am still bleeding after that I will be going to see the GP, hoping it will stop on its own as really dont fancy anyone else poking around up there for a while (think they can re-cauterise it if there is still a lingering wound) I think you would feel it if you had an infection, but if you are unsure, get it checked out. 


I've had the Dr have a look and she couldon't see anything as bleeding heavy still, I'm still on pads, which is getting boring now, how Re you feeling after it? Do you get any pain ect? Xx