still bleeding 4 weeks later

Age 26
First smear - April 2015
results - bordelrine changes and high risk HPV
colposcopy - biopsy taken
results - severe dsykerosis - CIN3 
16.06.15- lletz perfomred

had no issues after lletz but caught a suspected infection. am on 2 x antibiotics, bleeding eased up and smell disappeared but bleeding still didnt stop so i went to my local hospital who used silver nitrate to stop the bleeding and gave more antibiotics.

two days later is today and although there is hardley anything on my sanitary towell other than old dark blood, when i go for a wee, bright red blood runs out (not in my wee) from my cervix...why is this happening?

I go away in 2 weeks and 4 days, i need to swim, to wear tampons, to have sex, what do i do??? help me please someone, when will this stop?

I found for a couple of days after the silver nitrate the bleeding was really bad whenever I went to the toilet, I imagine it's the solution getting rid off everything, I don't really know but I think it's normal. Mine eased up completely after a week. Ring hospital or gp if your worried they might be able to tell you if its worth coming back in xxx