Still awaiting results

It's been just over 4 weeks since I had my lletz to remove CGIN and I haven't received any results despite being told to expect them in 2/3 weeks. I called up the hospital this morning and the lady on the phone said the consultant hasn't gone through my results yet and to call back the middle of next week once he's decided on my treatment plan. I asked what she meant by 'treatment plan' and she said to decided if he wants to see me again. Now I'm panicking! Do they know something and aren't telling me yet or has he just not looked at my results.......

My friends and family are saying that no news is good news, if it wasn't good they'd get me back in ASAP and part of me does think this is true, but then if he genuinely hasn't gone over my results this may not be the case. I suppose if it was really worrying results then the pathologist would make the consultant aware that urgent treatment was needed?

As I haven't had children yet (and want them in the next few years!) I'm really worrying that, if they haven't got all the CGIN then a hysterectomy will be suggested which I think would tip me over the edge! I suffer with anxiety quite badly anyway, so as you can imagine its been through the roof the past few weeks.

Anyone been in a simular situation? Can anyone offer any reassurance? 


I'm waiting for lletz results at the moment so i know its not easy, but I wouldnt read anything in to time taken to give you your results. 

I was supposed to receive my punch biopsy results by post but didnt get them until I went in to hospital for my lletz under GA.  At the hospital  I could see from reading my notes (upsidedown across the desk) that they'd had my results from histology 10 days earlier. It's anyones guess whether the consultant had seen them 10 days ago or just before i walked in the room. Histology had marked my results as URGENT in yellow on the front of my medical notes (that was for cin 3).

It wasnt until i went into hospital that i realised the reality of it. No one is sat there with time to pour over my results (as i had pictured in my mind lol).  It was a production line of surgeries, some taking much longer than expected and delaying others. And then emergencies coming in on top of that.  I guess the consultants must have days with no surgery where they squeeze in the other stuff, otherwise I have no clue how they fit it all in. 

 I dont know about treatment options for CGIN but I am sure they would want to avoid doing any treatment that would affect your fertility  xx