Stiff sore joints

Hello everyone!

So I’m noticing my knees, hips, neck lower back and wrist joints are becoming more achy and stiff. Especially at night and 1st thing in the morning. Even turning over in bed is an event lol!
I’m trying to keep moving walking the dog and I’m taking Perfect 7 woman plus multi vitamins.
Has anyone any other suggestions?
I’m going back to work next week so will be moving more again . I do love to swim but restrictions over here mean our pool is booking only and pre paid for months in advance!
Admittedly I have put a lot of weight on and I know that’s definatley not helping.

Sorry to hear this, Shammy - are you taking any prescription style drugs? That is always my first thought with those sort of generalised body symptoms, particularly stiffness. I had this with statins, years ago.

I did find my hands were stiff and my joints and wrists were weaker after chemo (that’s all I can blame as they weren’t irradiated!! :roll_eyes:) - I got one of those squeeze wrist and hand strengthening thingies from Amazon and worked at it. They’re fine now. I also got some arthritis fingerless compression gloves that keep my hands warmer but still allow you to work.

Sorry to hear about the weight gain as well, which is really annoying. For me the tipping point with weight is how easily I can turn over in bed. If I have to heave myself up to turn over, I’m too heavy - too heavy for my own muscles and joints. If I’m too heavy I’ll also find I’m stiff in the morning because I’m less mobile in the night (because I can’t spontaneously turn over without actually thinking about it) and my knees REALLY complain walking down the stairs… Each of us has our own limits for weight before our bodies complain. Some people are heavy but really fit. I’m not one of them. I am only 5ft 1” and I’ve been pushing 10 stone for a number of years and I admit turning over in bed was a bit of an effort… I’ve actually lost weight after treatment and I’m now 7st 10lb and I can whip over with no problem - it’s a revelation! I have slightly hyper-mobile joints, so any additional weight has an impact on my mobility in terms of comfort and pain. You will know what’s optimum for you, and can work to achieve that.

It might be worth having a word with your oncology nurse about tackling the weight gain (because I believe it’s common) as I believe they have booklets and advice they can give, and also the about the stiffness, as this may be more common than we think… xx

Ah - I’ve just twigged - of course you’re going through menopause as well because of the treatment, I’m guessing. This may well be why so many women seem to put on weight - the menopause - and the stiffness and joint pain could well be related to this. Has anyone given you information about how to deal with the early menopause and maybe discussed HRT with you? There is a lot about this in some other post threads.


Thanks @Jacks133!

I started HRT about 3 weeks ago. The only symptoms I had that it could be starting menopause was tender boobs! No hot flashes thankfully. I do think the weight is causing a lot of the issues, joint pains and fatigue! Tome to start recording my steps per day and her the junk food out. I have been referred to my CNS for a phone call appointment to discuss things. I will ask her advice on this too x x