Hi, I had lletz for cin3 6 wks ago and up until 3 days ago, I had been clear of any bleeding or discharge for over a wk. but 3 days ago I had some dark discharge- bit odd as beginning of period usually bright red but didn't think much of it until it failed to develop into a period! 3 wks after lletz I had slightly heavier bleeding on and off but not heavy enough to be a period. So basically, in 6 wks I dont think I've had a period and don't feel about to get one! I have been extremely anxious throughout this whole experience so could that have an effect? Or I have read online of people saying their periods were affected for a while afterwards. Colposcopy didn't mention anything like that tho- tbh I don't really know where to turn with this as my last query to the dr referred me back to Colpo and I felt they thought I was a bit beyond the timeframe of their care!! My worry is that it cd be cervical stenosis- I know it's rare but I have never had period problems before. Again feeling like I wish I had never gone through with lletz.

It seems to be fairly normal for periods to be a bit strange following lletz, especially within the healing time. I've just had my first period after cone biopsy after no bleeding at all from the operation it's been a lot lighter and longer than usual. Can you ring the colposcopy unit again? I'm sure they'll understand your worries and if they think it's something to be concerned about you can go straight in to the colposcopy unit rather than going through the gp. Xxx