stenosis worry


So I had cold coagulation in March, there had been severe changes and they had to burn pretty much my whole cervix from what I could gather. I bled for 6 weeks straight which I think is normal after this?

Now ive had 3 periods, I say period lightly as there has barely been anything coming out... but I have been suffering the most severe cramps during these. I have back pain and pelvic pain pretty much constantly but when im on time of month its 100 times worse.

The only thing I can find that fits what is happening is stenosis or did anyone experience light peroids the months after getting treatment? Bleeding for that long has thrown me.


Thanks in advance for any help x

Hi there

I had LLETZ rather than cold coagulation, but my consultant told me that the first period after my treatment should be expected to be heavier than normal, not lighter.

It really sounds like something is not right in your case, especially if you're experiencing that much "period pain" and didn't before. Probably wise to head back to your GP and insist they get you checked over ....


x x


Hi Moggsy thank for replying.

I am going to make an appointment this week, I am due back for my check up in October and have a feeling they will probably tell me they cant do anything till then. Sometimes feel like im banging my head off a wall with the GP's - they just dont listen.

Today is especially bad just feeling it today :(