Stenosis & The Pill after cervical cancer

Hi all, 

I have a quick question with regards to whether it is safe to take The Pill after cervical cancer. After two Lletz last year, a large cone biopsy and a number of infections I have developed cervical stenosis. I have undergone dilation under GA, but it has recurred. My consultant has said that he could dilate again, as well as laparscopic surgery for adhesions, but at the moment have decided to leave it for a while, as am so sick of procedures. He has suggested that I see GP and go on The Pill, and do not take a break, then review in February when I am next seeing him. By then I think I may well decide to undergo dilation again, as don;t think taking the pill forever more is really an answer. I know there is a link between cervical cancer and The Pill. Is it safe to take it after having cancer? Any advice or thoughts appreciated. Many thanks. 


I'm on the pill and have recently had a cone as I was diagnosed with CC. I asked my consultant whether I should stop taking the pill due to the increased risk and his opinion was no - the increase was minimal but the benefits outweughed that (it lowers the risk of other cancers) X

I’ve recently had my cervix removed… Think I have 5mm left! I had to come off the pill before my surgery and I couldn’t decide whether to go back on or not. My consultant basically told me too as it will help keep my periods regular after the surgery and also help get rid of an ovarian cyst I have. He had no negatives what so ever actually because I did question him!!

Hi Doodles,

this is only my opinion but I would stay away from the pill.   Since having my son 5 years ago and going back on the pill I dveloped migraines and after keeping a diary I realised they were happening in my pill free week.  My GP suggested I tricycle my pill (take for 3 months without a break then take a break and do 3 months ago).  this was to reduce the occurrences of migraine. I still wonder whether this is what contributed to my cancer and I've been advised against HRT as this could create a risk of a re-occurrence.  I'm prepared at the moment to manage my symptoms without hrt



Thank you all so much for replying. I'm going to phone this week and get an appointment with GP to discuss. I'm not sure i have much option other than to go on the pill for a while if I don't opt for surgery as otherwise I am going through the most ridiculous pain and flooding every month. But, I am very reluctant to do this for too long due to the link between cervical cancer and the pill, thank you Andrea for your experience. I think I may probably do it for a couple of months, just to have a break from it all (I have just had a major recurrence scare - MRI/Colonoscopy/biopsies etc) and would just like a month or two to think. But I don't want to be taking the pill for long I don;t think, and certainly not backc to back to prevent periods and try to surpress other symptoms....