Stenosis risks


After my nurse saying I had higher risk of stenosis at my Lletz appointment due to my age I put in an ' ask the expert'. 

I think perhaps my risk might be slightly higher but doesn't sound too concerning 
'The risk of having a stenosis of the cervix post LLETZ is about 1%. The average LLETZ is about 1cm cubed so I wouldn't expect you to have an increased risk above 1%.
Yes the cervical os could be dilated, if required, but that is normally only done in rare occasions if subsequent cervical screening is abnormal and then Colposcopy gives an inadequate view (meaning the Colposcopist can't see up inside the cervix).
As said before though, this is really very rare and not something to be overly concerned about. If you are though, do speak to your Colposcopy nurse. '
i was also a little worried about the possibility of going back to 5 year smears if clear as seems a long time. I'm going to chat about that at my 6 month appointment ( or earlier if recalled). I think that risk of reoccurrence is higher in women who have already had high grade changes and not comfortable with that as a time frame. 
love to all 

Really informative Rebecca, thank you for sharing. Any news on your swab results? X

Hi LL 

I think I'll phone tomorrow as that would be the earliest. 
I don't really feel as if I have an infection though and the massive quantity of discharge has stopped now. Kind of confused about whether I need a wee sometimes. Random sorts of discharge now and again but not as excessive. No coffee grounds yet at least ( day 10 tomorrow). I heard they were a good thing. 

I really want to do yoga on Monday - Googling that in case the internet says yes. The nurse said no but I didn't like her and may be feeling rebellious.  I'm missing it. Plus I'm having baths as I can't think clean water can do much. 

i reckon I'm ok . Have you had any news yet? I always stalk your forum in case 



Hi Rebecca,


I didn't get the charcoal second time round. Interesting to see that experiences really can be so different.


No news yet :-(

Interesting info, sadly I think I might be one of the 1% but I'm only 31. I'm having multiple hospital appointments to find out what's going on but I'm pretty sure I have stenosis. 

I think there are interventions for it such as dilation ?
Have they discussed any ?

I didnt have stenosis as far as I know but they cant find my cervix at the test of cure. Any one else had this ?
The nurse has referred me to the GP