stenosis- hysteroscopy booked under GA

Hi ladies,

So after months of pain, no periods to gushing periods and spotting I finally have an answer.
Ultrasound today showed my uterus is full of fluid. The consultant suspects stenosis as a result of two large cone biopics leaving relatively no cervix.
Hysteroscopy is booked in for Feb 23rd but under general as he needs to open up the scarred area.
I can only find posts relating to it being done under local for diagnostic purposes.

Has anyone has this procedure for stenosis?

Thank you

I had severe stenosis after having my second lletz treatment (large amounts of tissue taken as well) and my consultant cleared it under local whilst I was at my colposcopy appointment. 

My following periods went back to normal straight away, however, I recently gave birth to my son in September and I had a bad Labour due to scarring as it had stopped me dilating. I've had two periods since and they have been ok.

Good luck! Xx

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear you have had this and made it though. My consultant has advised having it under general as local would be too uncomfortable... well thats what he reckons. 

Did you have any complications after having a fluid build up in the womb? I have been back and forth to the doctor since september and I think this is when this started.

Were you given a dilator or have a stent put in?