staying strong

How r u all staying so strong…I am really trying my best.I thought I was a strong willed person,but some days I just wanna break down…And it’s not even started yet…


I think we all feel like you do at first. 

Where are you up to in your diagnosis and treatment? 

This forum is the most amazing place to be at this time in your life. 

I found out last wednesday that I have cervical cancer...I have scans on wednesday this week,which I have to say I  not looking forward too but I know they have to be done.Then I will know what treatment I can have...I just want it all gone,I want this horrible thing taken out of me.I just want to get on living my life...

I understand where you  are coming from - we all do. Nothing anyone can say will take the way you are feeling away but if you read the other posts you will see how we all get through it.

The scans are nothing to be scared of, theyare none invasive and are there to help the Dr's decide what treatment is best for you.

We are all here for you. There are some amazing ladies on here who have been and are going through this process so please just post any questions or just your feelings, it really helped me X 

Hi Lindsey :-)

Sorry to have missed this earlier. You will find that this is quite categorically the scariest part of the whole journey and the reason we are all staying so strong is because we have got this particularly awful bit behind us. Once you have had your scans and you know your staging and what treatment is recommended for you you will find it that much easier to be normal again. I promise!


Be lucky :-)

I can confirm the waiting for the full diagnosis is by far the worst part. 

Keep strong for this bit and The rest will be easier x

Hey, if you want to break down and cry do that, you want to feel sorry for yourself do that but don't you dare stay there. This horrible thing is going try and take everything from you but your not going to let it because your stronger than you think and you've got all of us to support you.

you will begin to feel better once you know what the plan is trust me then you will need a goal to aim towards. There is light at the end of the tunnel I know I've been to hell and back and do you know what I'm still here xx

Hi Lindset I am sorry you have had to find this Forum but really glad you have. Your have just found out you have Cervical Cancer it is devasting news and we all deal with it different. I was numb for several weeks i thought i had actually made the whole thing up because it couldnt happen to me you will experience all sorts of emotions and its ok because we are human. This first part of the process is difficult waiting to hear what your treatment plan will be and finding out what stage your at after that it does get easier. I have just started my treatment and have one week over me it really did fly in so feel free to ask any questions are just chat we are all here for you Hugs xx

Hi Lindsat,

it is normal and okay not to feel strong . it is a hard thing to go through and you need to give yourself permission to feel this way.

atleast when you know what you're dealing with, you can begin to accept and make plans . It can be difficult to accept the Unknown .

thinking of you - give yourself this time xxx