starting treatment tomorrow

Hi Ladies.
I’m starting my chemoRads tomorrow and feeling more anxious as the day progresses. I’ve been totally chilled about the whole thing all week but getting really nervous now,
Hope you are all coping well.

Negative smear September 2014
Bleeding since May 2015
Misdiagnosed by gynae as ectropion
2nd opinion March 2017
Diagnosed CC stage 2B 14/3/2017
Chemo Rads commence 8/04/3017
28 Radiotherapy 6 Chemotherapy 3 Brachytherapy

Good luck for tomorrow, I'm a couple weeks behind you but can imagine how it feels. this time tomorrow though you'll have been and done it and be out the other side x

Good  luck  take  plenty of  snacks  for chemo and  bits to do will be thinking  of you  xxx

Hi jooles

the atart  treatment brings mixed feelingS. On one hand it's so relieving to know you are now going to start to actually fix the problem but at the same time it is very scary and anxiety runs through you. Let me reassure you it's not as bad as you think. Once you get to know the way around and time frame each thing takes you will feel more at ease. You will start to recognize familiar faces everyday and realize so many people are feeling the same things as you are feeling. 

It will most likely take a few days even a couple of weeks before any side effects will bother you. Try to be as open as possible with your team as they can only help you if you speak up. Try to stay positive and tell yourself over and over that you can do this!!!

good luck. We are all here rooting for you!!! You are not alone in this. We all know the emotions behind this fight and are here when you need us!


Good luck for today,you will find its not as bad as you imagine x

Thanks all

i survived the first day and as you all reassured me it wasn't as bad as I amagined. Thanks for all your support feeling ok so far,



Hi Jooles

Hope your week is going well.

i started the chemo/rad yesterday and it was just fine, in fact the 6 hours went really quickly and then the radio 4 hours later took just 15 mins.

i have had a thumping headache since dinner yesterday but I am pretty sure the culprit is MSG from the yakisoba noodles I ate, can you believe it, chemo and radiation yet floored by noodles!!

I am taking emaprazole as a stomach protector, demaxathazone steroid (just for 2 days post chemo) and have valoid as an anti sickness should I need it.

i am pretty relieved  to have started the treatment and just picture the tumour shrinking day by day!

Please feel free to ask me anything as we are only 3 days apart, its great to be able to share experiences.

All the very best



Hi wendy

I'm  glad your treatment has finally started too. I had day 4 of radiotherapy today. Feeling tired an a little nauseous but other than that ok. I'm on the same meds as you by the sound. I finished my steroids today. Keeping strong and positive. Keep me posted how you are getting on,

Take care

julie xx