Starting treatment today

Hello everyone, 

I believe I'm in the right place. I just need to tell my story to someone. It's been an extremely hard time for me. I've been diagnosed with stage 3b cervical cancer recently. I'm starting my treatment today. Cancer came as a real shock to me and the doctors and all my close family and friends. I am going to be 31 next month. All my previous smear tests were normal. I had 2 tests done before. But only after having my first and only child last year smear test showed some abnormal changes. That was a third tome I had my smear test. I had to go for colposcopy after when biopsy has been taken, however it came back as CIN2. I've been told it's not cancer I don't have to worry about it... I've been offered to have LLETZ or wait few months and see what happens next if cells gonna change back to normal. I decided to have LLETZ. I bled a lot during the procedure, I lost about 200 ml of blood, however doctor reassured me that it's not rare. I also felt horrible pain when doctor pressed on my belly trying to stop the bleeding pressing on my cervix at the same time. Week after the LLETZ I had a phone call from the doctor's asking me to come asap. I knew it's going to be bad news. And it was. They said unfortunately it is cancer. I cried. A lot. They said I will loose my fertility. I will probably need a hysterectomy. Then it all started... MRI, CT, EUA... only after EUA I've been told that it is stage 3b which shocked me even more... I just felt like it's not real... it can't be real... it can't happen to me... I trusted smear tests so much and I haven't had any problems which would make me think that it is cancer... there was nothing what would make me worry... 

I'm going to have 25 radiotherapy, 5 chemo and 3 brachytherapy... 

I'm still in such a shock I just don't know how to feel about cancer... First I felt was a big fear... Fear of dying and not being able to see my little girl growing up and not being here for her... Then I started hating cancer... Just wanted it out of my body... Then I started respecting it and thinking it is an obstacle which happened to me for a reason... Maybe to reflect on my life... Think about it... Change something about it...

The only thing is after all this happened I am happy and grateful for every morning I wake up...  


Aww bless you, that's a hard thing to be told, I'm wishing you a speedy recovery and just sending u lots of hugs 

Mandy xxx

Sending you lots of love xxxxx

Hope everything went ok today, much love xxxx

I'm stage 2b and u having the same treatment plan as me, when I asked my. Consultant how big my tumor was his reply was it doesn't matter all that matters is ur going to fight it an beat it, so that's wot I'm gonna say to u, just concentrate on getting this thing kicked into shape.

Sending u cyber hug 

Dawn x

Thinking of you Aleks, sending much love in your direction xxx


i was yesterday diagnosed as 3b too. My last smear was sept 2015 and all clear. i had some bleeding in 2013 which I got checked and had a baby in 2014. I'm left wondering how this wasnt picked up sooner.

i have a ct scan tomorrow and my treatment should start in a couple of weeks.

we will get through this x

Thank you so

Thank you very much... I hope you are ok ...xxxx

Yeah everything was ok yesterday... a bit long though... only this morning was sick feeling like during pregnancy... will mention it on my review on Friday... xxxxx

I'm really hoping to fight this! Xxxxx how did you treatment go? 

Thank you very much...xxxxxx

Hello, omg I'm really sorry you are going through the same as me! Yeah it made me feel so sad that it wasn't found early...:'((((( but we've got to fight it because our little ones really need us! I'm having my first chemo today...:((((( xxxx

Dear ladies,

I really appreciate all your support... thank you all so much! I'm so pleased to see that people red my post and replied to it... xxxxx

Thinking of you since I read it xxx

Thank you very much Mandy xxx

Hello Aleks86, 

sorry to hear your story. I am also going through same issue. I was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer stage 2b or 3 on April 24. Davasted at beginning knowing all my pap smear results been clear since 9 years and c/o to my ob/gyn doc regarding heavy bleeing but not suspecting any bad. Last august did my full ob/gyn check up everything were normal. all of sudden since late jan 2017 had s/s  of heavy and long period, severe cramping. after emp and cone bx its confirmed the disease. just started treatment last wk for radiation and chemo. Per md, need 5 chemo/25 or 27 radiation then evaluation and brachy therapy afterward. Staying full positive to all treatments and sending you positive vibes .....

thank you. 

Praying for all of you.

Good luck Aleks86!!

hope you are doing ok? Sorry to hear your story.

I was diagnosed with 2b this week also and it was a shock to me too! Years of constant investigations, internals, scans, smear - nothing picked up. Then had a bleed from my most recent smear this month and now I have a 6cm tumour with some lymph node showing CIN3. I too have been told i'm to have 5 weeks of rad/chemo & brach at the end. 

From what i'm reading on here you all are strong, amazing ladies & it really is inspiring how supportive people are. 

Sending lots of love to you all & hoping the treatment goes ok :) 


Hi all you lovely strong ladies...  Just wanted to send you all virtual hugs... You are all amazing...  

I was diagnosed with stage 2b on Sat 20th.. After years of clear smears even had a polyp removed last march and that came back non cancerous... Wasn't until Xmas that I knew something wasn't right and had to fight with my doctor to get refered.. Eventually I got appointment on 3rd April...  Colposcocy 13th April.. Diagnosed 2nd May.. Mri 15th May.. Consultant 20th May.. Today I have oncologist..  Just wish doctors would listen to us ladies we know our bodies... Good luck with treatment Aleks... Keep us posted.. We are going to kick this together... Xxxx 

Just wanted to also say good luck to all you brave ladies , I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago and have had ct and mri done, I'm waiting on results and hopefully a treatment plan asap.

im so scared and trying to keep it together.