Starting treatment next week!

Hi all,
I’m starting treatment next week, 6 rounds of cisplatin and 28 days of external, followed by 4 brachy. I know each person reacts differently to treatment but I’m wondering (from those of you who are in treatment or have completed) if you were able to continue daily tasks for the most part.
For context I’m 36 and have two kids 1&8 and I’ve planned for helping during brachy but I’m really hoping to be able to continue to care for them and do pick up and drop off during the first part of the treatment.
Thank you all for your help and just want you to know that reading through these posts has helped me more than anything else.

Hi Dandy and welcome to the forum. Its a really difficult question to answer as everyone is an individual and there is no way of predicting how you will be. Some sail through some are very unwell, some continue to work during treatment. My experience was fine I took 4 months off work as my oncologist recommended this. During treatment i probably could have worked as i had very few symptoms just a bit of heartburn and getting up to go to toilet lots during the night which did make me pretty tired. I was 55 when treatment started with 2 grown up children so no little ones to run after. I would say its best to put some help in place just incase you need it. Listen to your body and get as much rest as you can. If you do have issues your team will be able to sort you out they have lots of different medications so dont worry they’ll get you through.
Good luck with the treatment let us know how you get on.
Take care xx


Hi @Dandy I completed similar treatment a couple months ago, as AMF said it does affect everyone differently, I have a 2yr old and I struggled to care for him near the end of treatment but then I had several issues before I started so I may of just been unlucky! I have read others stories and they have sailed through it all!
I would try and have help ready as a back up plan so you don’t need to worry, it’s important during this time that you make time for yourself to rest, I found this hard but planned days out etc for after treatment to look forward to!
Best of luck, you will find the weeks fly past xx

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Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve read through several of your posts and like so many others your positivity has helped me so much!

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I guess I will just have to wait and see how treatment affects me. Hoping for minimal symptoms and very anxious to start this week. I’ll try to keep you all posted. Thank you for your kind words and positivity!

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@Dandy we will all be rooting for you, your not alone I promise you all of us here understand those anxieties.
I saw posted on here and have shared several times that even if you have a bad day don’t think they will all be like it! I’m more then happy if you want to message me x

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Hi Dandy,

I had the same treatment, each person reacts differently during the treatment. I was in generally ok the first two weeks except the days that I had the chemo which somebody had to drive me and pick me up from the hospital as I was too tired and weak to do it myself. During the week 3 my symptoms started to crack on and I couldn’t do anything on my own I had extremely fatigue and the easiest task like to take a bath or to climb the stairs it became too difficult as afterwards I was exhausted, the diarrhoea didn’t make things easier as I had to have direct access to a toilet. I don’t have children but I cannot imagine to be able to properly care for them on my own, you will need some help with the children during the treatment.

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I’m 3 years on in remission awaiting all clear in 2 years time. I’ve also had same treatment you mention and had 2 little ones to care for.
Take all the help you can. School run was ok for first 4 weeks and then I started to go downhill and was sick, lost weight and felt ill. Friends rallied round as I couldn’t drive or walk far in the end. You will get through it and you will come out the other end but it will take it out of you. Just listen to your body and take all offers of help you can. My friends took the kids every weekend and helped me at home and took me to appointments in the end. Brachy was all fine too. Not as bad as I thought tbh. All the best, hope all goes well.

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Thank you for your response! It seems like it is very individual as most everyone has said and I am just hoping for the best! H

Heya. Difficult question as everyone is different and everyone will react in their own way to treatment. Im 35 and finished chemoradiation (25 external radio and 5 chemo) followed by 3 bracky). I think i was one of the lucky ones when it came to side effects i lost taste in my mouth had a sensitive bladder towards the end of treatment and days where i was tired but otherwise ok. I have 2 children who were 6 and 11. I still managed to do school runs and have days out, i went gym etc. On brachy days i was in hospital all day so had to sort childcare. You just have to listen to your body. I would suggest getting help even to just give yourself a break. Best of luck with it all

Thank you and I appreciate your response!! I definitely have help and was just trying to get a better sense of just how much I would need. I know treatment affects everyone differently and maybe I was just searching for some positivity and advice. Day three down and doing okay so far.